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High School Science


National Science Week is an opportunity to reflect on the many works done by the various scientists across the globe. In 2022, the world observes the UN-declared International Year of Glass. Celebrating what the UN describes as one of the most important, versatile, and transformative materials of history. Glass will continue to have an enormous impact into our future, not only for its many applications, but also for the integral role it will play in sustainable development. The AIC, Kewdale science team organised a display of different demonstrations to honour the works of these many [...]

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High School Math


NAPLAN RESULTS -Years 7 AND 9 NAPLAN results arrived in the school recently. Congratulations to those students who now achieved Great results. It is especially pleasing for those students who have worked really hard and have taken advantage of the support provided at home and at school. A hard copy of Naplan Results would be provided to students to take home. For the year 9 students who did not achieve band 8 in any of the component, will have to sit for OLNA in 2022 Term4 Week 3-4. Additional support will continue to be available. ICAS External [...]

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High School HASS


Year 11 Politics and Law ATAR students participate in multi-school event at the WA Constitution Centre.On Thursday, 1st September, AIC students of Yr 11 Politics and Law participated in the 2022 State Schools’ Constitutional Convention. The following students participated: Zahra Anwary, Farwa Nahoori, Yara Soliman, Mariama Diallo, Hadja Jalloh, Esma Serin, Mohammed Essa and Faris Ghoniem.The all day event was attended by more than 90 students from schools all over Perth including AIC Kewdale, Trinity College, St Mary’s Girl

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Physical Education


Welcome to our third edition of sport news for school zine! As always, we were off to a great start here at AIC Kewdale Primary, we kicked off with our sport classes where students were learning new skills of the world game SOCCER! We also had extra sporting clinics such as tennis, netball and basketball clinics happening this term thanks to the sporting schools’ grants! We held our annual fun run ceremony on 3rd of August 2022 in the school gym. It was a momentous occasion recognizing the top 15 fundraising students.  We had the lovely Cassie Rowe MLA in [...]

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Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand. (12:2) The Arabic language is a unique, beautiful, and rich language. It is not the language of one country; it is the language of nearly 30 countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East. There are more than 400 million native speakers around the globe. Linguists classify the Arabic language into two main versions: the first one is classical Arabic, the language used in the Holy Quran, and there is no alteration to it. The religious scholars use the Classical version. The other one is [...]


Principal’s Message


From the Principal's Desk Dear Parents & Guardians Assalam o Alaikum, As we approach the end of term 3, I would like to thank you for all your continued support as we work together as a school community for our students’ well-being and academic achievement. It is our deepest desire to ensure that each student has a very successful stay at school. Alhamdulillah, we have had an incredibly successful term, with most students focused on learning and doing their best daily. This year's NAPLAN results are excellent. Despite several challenges due to COVID, our students have performed [...]

Principal’s Message2022-09-15T10:43:41+08:00

High School Uni-Ready


Assalamu alaikum! Our school has been liaising with Curtin University for the past two years to offer the UniReady Enabling Program to a carefully selected group of Year 12 General students. These students, on successful completion, will achieve a 70 ATAR and eligibility for university entry to pursue tertiary subjects of their choice, in sha Allah. At AIC, this special program runs concurrent with school courses during which students complete two core subjects (Academic Writing and Communication) and two elective subjects. The students will round off their studies with an exclusive tour of Curtin University Bentley Campus in Term 4. [...]

High School Uni-Ready2022-09-15T10:39:20+08:00

Year 6


Assalam O Alaikum Dear Parents and guardians,We have had a marvellous term filled with a variety of enlightening experiences as we undertook experiments, investigations, and educational school events. Literacy We begin our day with a productive 60-minute literacy block. Students explore and consolidate their learning as they take part in presenting their knowledge of literacy concepts during the literacy warm up. This is followed by sharp reading; students go on to develop their reading comprehension skills through sentence de-construction and explanation of varying texts. Students then delve into their spelling mastery as they develop their knowledge of morphographs. [...]

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Year 4


Return to School Alhamdulilah, we’ve been blessed beyond measure to kick off the term with an ease on COVID-19 restrictions. Concurrently, coming back to school with mask free faces, was the icing on the cake. Our term has been jam-packed with wonderous adventures, special guests and a rewarding learning journey. We had incursions, science week, fun run ceremony, book week, basketball and netball excursions which were all incredibly set up – Allahuma barik! Science During this term, the year Four students have become Botanist! We have been delving into [...]

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Year 3


The Term 3 journey began with flying colours. We delved into investigations and school events such as book character dress up, science week, literacy week and numeracy week. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only exciting thing we done this term there was so much more to come. Literacy In Literacy this term we developed our 7 steps writing skills focusing on narrative and persuasive writing. We took part in Sharp Reading which is a teaching and learning framework that provides direction for students and equips us to be SHARP (efficient, cutting edge) in our [...]

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