Kewdale High School

Principal’s Message

From the Principal’s Desk

A warm WELCOME to Australian Islamic College, Kewdale

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Australian Islamic College, Kewdale. Our school is a close family, composed of students from kindergarten through to the year 12 level and is committed to providing a caring and supportive environment, enabling students to thrive socially,  academically and spiritually.

 Caring and Suportive environment enabling students to

thrive socially, academically and spiritually

Our school provides contemporary education encouraging the pursuit of excellence in academic, sports, cultural heritage and spiritual growth. A large number of our students enrolled in Kindergarten enjoy their educational experience with the same peer group over a tweleve year period until graduating from highschool. This unique opportunity allows students to form strong bonds and mutual trust, all in an atmosphere of integrational teaching and learning.
We at Australian Islamic College make continuous effort to realise the vision and mission of AIC by nurturing Islamic values, inquiry, creative and positive forward-looking minds. Alhamdulillah, today The Australian Islamic College is not only a school but indeed a place of constant purpose with intense dedication and strong faculties. It is an icon of the Muslim community in Perth with students ranging in their backgrounds from over 58 different cournties around the world.
The school’s motto, “Academic excellence & Islamic values for children’s success in this life and the hereafter” underpins all activities in the school. From our daily morning assembly, through to the theme of the week and imbeded school values in our teaching programs, we promote a culture of tolerance and harmony, love and respect, citizenship and leadership, and a spirit to learn and contribute as a good Muslim and law-abiding citizen of Australia. The school strives to nurture the potential of every child, enhancing their knowledge, skills, and wellbeing and promoting a positive and healthy approach to learning and life.

Academic Excellence & Islamic Values of success

in this life and in the hereafter

Alhamdulillah, the school provides an exceptional standard of education to children. We offer the West Australian Curriculum with nationally benchmarked assessment procedures. We are committed to offering creative depth as well as academic breadth in the quality of our curriculum and teaching for 21st-century classroom. Students and staff are involved in a wide range of events and activities and celebrate students’ success. Our teachers are committed to excellence in daily teaching and learning practices with a continuing focus on pupils’ learning. We are a forward thinking school that sees every young person as an individual, with individual needs and talents.
The school is dedicated and plans on a regular basis for the spiritual growth of each student. We are fortunate to have a strong department for Religion, Quran and Arabic Studies. Students are regularly guided and supported with structured lessons for Quran recitation, the meaning of selected verses and Quran memorisation. Students are taught about the life and teaching of Prophet (PBUH) as an integral part of Islamic Studies..
The school is committed to encouraging the pursuit of excellence in academic, sporting, art and the religious and cultural spheres of a students’ life. Along with the outstanding achievement, our 2018 results demonstrate an increased improvement in student performance. Highlights include:
• Ranking of Top Islamic School in WA and in Australia
• Ranking of 30th Top performing school in WA
• Top 20% of schools in WA
• Median ATAR score of 85.05
• 14 Year 12 School Curriculum and Standards Authority Awards
• 1 student received a perfect ATAR score of 99.95
• Outstanding results in Year 12 WACE ATAR subjects Chemistry, Physics, Methods and Maths Specialist
• 100% VET achievement rate

In 2018 AIC ranked 30th among the ‘TOP 50’

Performing Schools in WA with a Median ATAR of 85.05

Our students overall performance has also placed AIC as a top performing school for two consecutive years in English ATAR. In addition to receiving top in the state results in Accounting & Finance ATAR, Methods ATAR, and Arabic ATAR.
Our NAPLAN results have also shown the excellent performance of the students in Numeracy and Literacy standards as the school mean peaks above the national level and state mean.
We are proud to offer 30 different year 11 and 12 WACE courses to our students ranging from ATAR, General, VET, and school developed and approved programs such as Applied Islam, catering to all pathways students wish to take.
The students in years 9 and 10 are also eligible to select two electives to study throughout the year. Subjects range from but are not limited to photography, food and technology, visual and performing arts, Arabic, Football, and basketball academy, Police Rangers and literacy & numeracy support.
The school regularly provides professional development opportunities for teachers to update and enhance their professional skills. The School runs a Gifted and Talented Education Program in Maths, Science, and English.
The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) is a global initiative, the need for the students of today. We encourage greater interest and competence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics and want our students to think critically, creatively and globally. At school, we plan to fully embrace this concept by ensuring our students have opportunities to experience and engage with the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.
We place great emphasis on the students’ wellbeing, extra-curricular activities, sports and art. All our students are encouraged to find something that is of interest. Our students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

Great emphasis on Student Well being,

Extra-curricular activities, Physical Education and Visual Art

The school provides a caring environment enabling the students to thrive socially and academically. The student wellbeing team provides quality pastoral care to ensure that students are supported to achieve their goals.
Recently the school has added a seven-room block at Primary School and an administration block to facilitate the community with the state of art facilities. The completion of the refurbished school library, teachers offices, Technolgy & ICT labs, and classroom provides an excellent learning environment.
We are committed to embedding Information and Communication Technologies in teaching and learning. The use of iPads in the classroom has been promoted and encouraged. The classrooms have well-resourced ICT facilities, including interactive whiteboards, Apple TV and computers. We have an ongoing commitment for ICT integration across all learning areas and it has been a focus of curriculum planning and delivery, Alhamdulillah.
We encourage parents to get involved in school life and appreciates Parents & Friend Association contribution to the school.

Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan
Australian Islamic College, Kewdale
January 22, 2019

Staff at Kewdale Primary

Staff Profile

Australian Islamic College, Kewdale (Primary Campus) has a Principal, Curriculum Coordinators and Behaviour Coordinator with an ACARA & WA Curriculum focus, who make up the leadership team. The school has strong faculty of 49 personal with 36 Teachers, 11 Education Assistants and a Librarian that values the opportunity for all students to flourish within our innovative and caring environment. The teaching and learning program is implemented by our highly professional teachers and support staff who work in collaborative Professional Learning Teams to provide a stimulating and challenging environment. The School has Islamic Religion Department which implements Islamic Curriculum that includes Tajweed, Recitation of Quran, Quran Memorization and Islamic Studies.

The Principal has line management of all Primary teachers direct and through year level coordinators.  The Principal is responsible for management of all programs and systems in the school but has a particular focus on training and development, implementation of new programs and curricula and implementing the teaching and learning improvement identified in the School Strategic Plan & School Operational Plan.

The Curriculum and Behaviour Coordinators have line management of all the teachers. The Curriculum Coordinators works in partnership with the Principal in all areas of the school management processes but have a particular focus in improved Teaching & Learning practices in classrooms, Students at Risk, and general Wellbeing of the students. Curriculum Coordinators also provide support to staff members through pedagogical change processes.

Staff work collaboratively as a whole and within Learning Area. We have THREE Learning Areas: Early Years, Middle Primary and Upper Primary. A range of key programs operate throughout the school with a strong commitment to Literacy and Numeracy excellence. Specialist programs operating in the school include Islamic Religion Curriculum, Physical Education, Remedial Support, Intensive English, Art, Design & Digital Technology and implementation of STEM across all the curriculum areas.

Administration Structure is as follows:

Principal: Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan

Curriculum Coordinators: Sr Samia Bokhari & Sr Donia Albagdadi

Students’ Wellbeing & Behaviour: Sr Nuria Ushoroff


Religion:  Sh Abdullah Haffejee

Early Childhood: Sr Suhailah Nasi Uddin

Year 1: Sr Tamara Beck

Year 2: Sr Mavis Heng

Year 3: Sr Partibha Bhalla

Year 4: Sr Sahar Wahab

Year 5: Sr Zakia Parveen

Year 6: Sr Suman Rai

Staff at AIC Kewdale High School


I- Administration Staff

  • Br Abdullah Khan – Executive Principal
  • Sr Khurshida Islam – Principal
  • Sr Rana Al Baghdadi – Deputy Principal (Year 10-12)
  • Sr Toni Pikos Sallie – Deputy Principal (Year 7-9)
  • Sr Rashida Hafeez – Business Manager
  • Sh Wael Ibrahim – School Chaplain

II- Head of Learning Areas

  • English – Sr Kholoud Swayed
  • Math – Sr Meenu Sood
  • Science – Sr Gulnaz Rizvi
  • HASS – Sr Manawar Rockley
  • Technologies – Sr Sehrish Chaalni
  • Health and Physical Education – Steven Williams
  • Islamic Studies – Sh Wael Ibrahim
  • Arabic – Dr Moyad Abdurrahman
  • VET Coordinator – Br Tengku Shahrul Shah

III- Pastoral Coordinators

  • Head of Boys Coordinator – Sh Abdirahman Mohammad
  • Year 7 & 8 Boys Br Mohammad Shady
  • Year 9 & 10 Boys Br Mohamad Khan
  • Year 11 & 12 Boys Sh Abdirahman Mohammad
  • Head of Girls Coordinator – Sr Hissen Marouff
  • Year 7 & 8 Girls Sr Hissen Marouff
  • Year 9 & 10 Girls Sr Suzanne Matara
  • Year 11 & 12 Girls Sr Rahat Rizvi

IV- Supporting Staff

  • Front office and Central office Admin staff
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Transport
  • IT
  • Library staff
  • Laboratory staff
  • Canteen staff
  • Teacher assistants for helping and supporting special need students.

V- Teaching Staff

The college’s success in achieving its educational objectives relies on its continuing ability to recruit appropriately experienced and highly qualified teachers. In addition, the college places great emphasis on effective learning with small teacher/student ratios through remedial classes on need basis to ensure more individual attention. Staff come from different religious denominations and is appointed on the basis of their teaching ability and willingness to contribute to a learning environment based on the principles of Islam, which are;

  • To assist students to achieve success in this life and the hereafter.
  • To help develop the entire individual through obedience to Allah swt.
  • Staff members understand that education and religion are interdependent and appreciate in fostering an environment to facilitate high academic achievement on an Allah-conscious basis.
  • Our professional, enthusiastic and highly experienced teachers provide a range of exciting learning opportunities that engage, motivate and inspire students to excel. Their strong curriculum knowledge is supported by a whole school pedagogy that promotes high aspirations, excellence and respect.
  • Teachers encourage students to have high aspirations, to strive for excellence in all pursuits, and to demonstrate respect for self, others and the environment.
  • Our teachers motivate, encourage, set challenging goals, communicate with parents, and expect high standards to encourage high aspirations for all students.
  • Teachers believe every student has the ability to succeed and provide range of opportunities to strive for excellence in all endeavours.
  • Teachers encourage students to respect for self, others and the environment.
  • Teachers provide a calm, safe and respectful environment for the students accepting individual student differences.
  • Our teachers personally model respect, punctuality, high standards of dress and demeanour.
  • Our teachers are caring, fair, just and self-reflective practitioners.

Kewdale High School – Parents & Friends

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings

The ‘Parents & Friends’ is open to all parents and friends of the Australian Islamic College Kewdale High School community.

P&F meetings are a great place to find out what is happening in the school, gain a better understanding about school policies and activities, make a comment, raise a concern or ask a question, and get to know other parents in our school community.

At AIC Kewdale High School, the P&F and the school have a very close and positive relationship. The P&F is one avenue you may like to explore to support the school in making AIC High School an even better place for your children and our students.

At AIC Kewdale High school the aim of P & F is to:

  • Connect with each other socially and with the school
  • Contribute to their children school activities
  • Create opportunities to get together and be involved in the school community
  • Build and strengthen community spirit and enhance communication within our family involvement in the AIC School community.
  • Exchange ideas on current issues
  • Give back through volunteering time and expertise
  • Promote a positive learning and social environment;
  • Act as a liaison between the school and parents;
  • Support Class Representatives;
  • Provide a forum for parents to find out what is happening and what is planned for the school;
  • Raise funds to provide services, facilities and equipment for the school;
  • Support school services including the Uniform shop, School canteen and school vegetable garden
  • Supporting school graduation
  • Provide support and advice to the Principal and Executive team;

Any parent/carer is welcome to participate as a member of the P&F. Nominations take place annually at the P&F Annual General Meeting. All parents, staff and any other members of the school community are welcome to attend the meetings.

Parents can come to the classroom to assist with activities like reading, art, Physical Education and many other things. Parents can involve in the curriculum and learning and teaching at the school by

  • participation in discussions about these areas
  • attending parent information sessions organised by the school
  • attending parents meeting held once per term
  • individual appointment with the teachers
  • attending workshops e.g. social media, better parenting, managing challenging children etc. by external speakers organised by school.

Parents can share this information with the whole school community and can build on this by asking those parents who have little or no involvement to get involved in one of these areas and thereby building a school community that is active and involved.

News and events

  • Parent-student information sessions
  • ACER diagnostic tests
  • ICAS tests for English, Math, Science and Computing skills
  • Online Literacy Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)
  • Parents teachers meetings
  • Year 10-12 Career Info sessions
  • Year 8 immunisation
  • Harmony day celebration
  • Seerah Week
  • Interfaith dialogue with other public, independent and catholic schools
  • Volunteer Task Force
  • Excursions/incursions
  • Reward excursions
  • Literacy/Numeracy and Science weeks
  • UWA Broadway Medicine and Dentistry workshop
  • UWA Fairway workshops for Year 11 students
  • Visit to Universities, Police Academy etc. for information about career choice
  • After hour and holiday tuition for Literacy/Numeracy support, Year 10-11 courses and Year 12 WACE preparation.
  • Weekly motivational sessions
  • Extracurricular activities (net ball, soccer, basketball, poetry completion, photography competition, choose math competition etc.)
  • Art, woodwork, material design exhibition
  • Fund raising activities
  • Community Iftar event
  • Anzac Day celebration
  • Seerah Week
  • Quran Competition
  • Sports Carnival
  • Orientation programs for Year 6 Kewdale Primary, Year 7 boys and Year 10 girls from Thornlie and Dianella campuses.
  • Year 12 Formal Dinner
  • Year 12 graduation
  • Year 7-11 award giving ceremony
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