11 June 2021

A big warm welcome to Kindergarten to all families. We hope everyone is beginning to feel settled in Kindy A and B.

We would like to first thank everyone for being supportive of their child’s start to their educational journey. We have enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful families.

Each morning, we make sure to greet each child entering our classroom as we aim to build their sense of belonging and foster their becoming of confident and enthusiastic learners. It is encouraging to see the children eager (generally) to arrive each morning. As adults, I think we often underestimate the impact of change on children. Although kindy is a place for children to embark on learning, there are still many things for young children to adjust to: new routines and expectations, new people (remembering the names of other children is a challenge), separation from parents (in some cases for the first time), sharing adult attention with 19 others, and adapting to demands which may differ from individual desires. It is no wonder the first months of the year leave many children feeling physically and emotionally tired (not to mention parents and teachers)!!

Over this first term it has been great to see the children feeling secure enough to begin to take risks and “have a go” – whether it be at exploring on the climbing frames, painting, tidying up, or at solving a problem on their own. We have begun our Number and Writing programs and the children have been eager learners. We have also learned about the world we live in, our families and those around us. We would like to encourage parents to show interest in their children’s education by talking to them about school, coming in to view their artwork on display and their portfolios at the end of the term. We want to instil a sense of pride in children, and to show them that they are indeed ‘big children’ now and are capable learners.

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