About AIC

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer a wide range of high-quality teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Our college community began in 1986. It has seen many positive changes over the years. The teachers and staff strive to educate children in a positive way that brings about a greater awareness of the globalised world we live in. Teachers also aim at guiding students to employ knowledge in flexible and novel ways, to develop concepts that they can transfer from school, to understanding the world around them. Most of all we aim to guide students in developing lifelong intellectual pursuits and achieving success in learning.

Currently, curriculum is based on the South Australian Curriculum Framework, covering the eight learning areas of English, Mathematics, The Arts, Design and Technology, Studies of Society and Environment, Health and Physical Education and Science. Students also study Arabic as a language and learn about the Holy Quran in Quranic Studies and customs in Islamic Studies.

We are proud of our results in Year 12 which demonstrate a school community working together, that encourages students to become confident achieving individuals. As a National Curriculum is developed across Australia the Australian Islamic College Perth is preparing teachers, informing parents and supporting students with changes.

With new buildings being built over the last few years our college supports strong facilities, that enhances learning for all students. We aspire to prepare students emotionally and socially through our Values Education Program encouraging the ‘Nine Values for Australian Schooling’ and the four keys to success (Confidence, Organisation, Getting-Along and Persistence) across our school that aims to guide and support student’s values in an Australian / Islamic context. We invite you to look through our website and welcome any further questions on education at the Australian Islamic College Perth.