Values Integration

Values integration is more than just teaching the students what is right. Rather, it is about promoting positive perceptions of life among the students. These include the following areas:

  • Understanding learning and working hard as acts of worship.

  • To love and forgive each other for the sake of Allah (SWT).

  • To repel evil with good.

  • To love for others what you love for yourself.

  • Modesty in dress and actions always.

Through education, we achieve enlightenment. The idea is to facilitate our students in reaching a point where they can make informed decisions. These decisions then become the guiding influences of their lives.

The Australian Islamic College aims to equip students to make such enlightened decisions based on a broader awareness of the needs of society.

With a broader understanding of our culture and faith, our students can appreciate the positive contribution they can make to society. Through values integration, our next generation of children will know how to deal with the ever-changing world while maintaining proper conduct and morals.

Values Integration is about teaching students how to use their knowledge to better themselves and the society. We are not concerned with what the world can offer us but with what we can offer the world to make it a safe, better place.

We want to teach our students God-consciousness and morality as they are the foundations of a healthy society. AIC hopes to train a future generation of students who will not only graduate with strong academic achievements but also with a strong commitment towards the well-being of the larger world. Some of our values we stick by include love of knowledge, respect, responsibility, forgiveness, and truthfulness.

We teach our students good conduct and how it is an act of worship. To strive to achieve one’s full potential should be understood as a duty of each student. The benefits are far-reaching, providing practical solutions to save society billions of dollars.

Just consider the societal benefits if we raise a generation not involved in consumption of alcohol, illicit drug use, and who have strong work ethics and high morals in dealings with their fellow human beings.

To improve and reflect upon moral values and attitudes, students focus on a particular value each week as a theme of the week.

We constantly educate our students about the existence of Allah (SWT) and how we should love and fear Him. Our policy emphasizes on acknowledging Allah (SWT) across all learning areas. These efforts reflect our view of the holistic development of our students, both academically and spiritually.