The Australian Islamic College prepares students for further education, equipping them with tools to navigate an increasingly complex society without being disconnected with their cultural identity. We want to instill in our students a passion to perfect both their character and education. As an institution, we hope to aid students acquire new educational experiences that will fulfill their long-term goals whilst holding a delicate balance between academic pursuits and Islamic values.

What Australian Islamic College Offers

Additional Learning Needs

We want our college to be a safe and inclusive place. A major part of it is including students with special learning needs. We have a number of professionals on board to make the learning process easy and fun for them. The team includes:
  • Psychologists.
  • Speech pathologists.
  • Visiting teachers supporting hearing impairment, vision impairment, physical and chronic health impairment.
After proper evaluation, we will decide whether a student is eligible for these services. If so, we shall contact parents to seek approval and further considerations. Information regarding the relevant referral process is available directly from the college.

Low Fees and Charges

AIC charges a low amount as compared to independent and catholic schools. Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns regarding school fees with the Business Manager/Principal. Where appropriate, parents will be able to make alternate arrangements to pay the fees. Our only request is to not ignore notice of payments and to respond timely.

Building the Bridges

AIC has been involved in attending and organising seminars/workshops with various faith-based schools to build relationships, create a culture of tolerance, and inculcate an appreciation of faith traditions beyond Islam.

After Hour Tuition

AIC provides after-hour tuition, bringing experienced teachers with minimal charges. It is generally organized for the preparation of exams and school session.

UWA Fairway Program

AIC has been working with UWA to support Year 12 students who have unfavorable study environments to help them gain entry to UWA with lower ATAR.


Citizenship: AIC promotes active citizenship by teaching students about Australia and celebrating the following days:
  • Anzac Day
  • Harmony Day
  • Fundraising for Australia and beyond
  • Clean-up Day.

Interpreting and Translation Services

AIC provides interpreting and translating services free of charge. Parents of students who are non-native English speakers may request interpreters for parent-teacher interviews.

Entry to UWA Medicine and Dentistry

AIC has been working with UWA to support Year 12 students to gain entry to UWA Medicine and Dentistry with lower ATAR.


AIC also provides religious education through Arabic language courses, Islamic studies, and Quran in Year 7-10. We also teach Religion and Life in Year 11 and 12.
AIC ensures integration of Islamic values across all learning areas. Value-based education strengthens students’ self-esteem, commitment to personal fulfilment, and helps students exercise ethical judgement and social responsibility.
Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, computers, and laptops. Teachers have access to iPad.

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