Life At AIC

Welcome to the Australian Islamic College

AIC strives for both character and education.

A vibrant, thriving community of learners

We are a vibrant, thriving community of learners. Our educational program is designed with thought and care for our diverse student body. Upon coming to each of our three schools in WA and our school in SA, you will be struck by the confluence of intellectual engagement, artistic endeavors, and athletic achievement of our students.  You will see our students involved in school activities and constantly taking steps to better themselves.

A place where students explore their full potential

From supportive relationships with teachers to life-changing opportunities, from taking calculated risks to following their dreams, AIC offers its students a wealth of resources to hone their skills. We encourage students to maintain a balance between academic and spiritual life. In this way AIC honors its philosophical commitments to educating its students in all areas of human endeavor, resulting in success in this life and the hereafter, Insha’Allah.

Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team is a group of competent student representatives, elected by the students, for the students.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school has taken large number of initiatives with enthusiasm and vision for Students by Students.

Student Code of Conduct

We believe in empowering students, therefore, we have devised some rules that will benefit us all.