Needs Based Funding Model

Australian Government – Commonwealth Funding
Needs-Based Funding Allocation Overview


The Australian Islamic College (Perth) Inc (AIC) operates as an independent not-for-profit association, overseeing a co-educational, faith-based school system. Presently, it manages five colleges in metropolitan Perth and one college in Adelaide. With a staff of over 450, the AIC is dedicated to supporting the educational needs of approximately 5,000 students.

AIC receives recurrent school funding from the Australian Government as the approved system authority for its colleges. This funding, facilitated by the Commonwealth Department of Education, is instrumental in providing quality education across each of its colleges.

The received funding primarily sustains day-to-day operations within the colleges, encompassing staff salaries, professional development, teaching materials, infrastructure maintenance, procurement of essential equipment, and general operational expenses. Additionally, substantial resources are directed toward specialized educational programs, addressing specific learning needs, offering extension opportunities, and aiding disadvantaged students.

Role of AIC Head Office

Apart from supporting its colleges, AIC’s head office, situated at the Australian Islamic College Kewdale, incurs operational expenses. These include salaries for head office personnel, recruitment, professional development, and administrative costs. The head office functions as a central hub providing direct support, specialized advice, and administrative services to schools. Its services span finance, human resources, information technology, safety regulations, child protection, Islamic studies, pastoral care, enterprise risk management, and compliance, with the CEO/Executive Principal being accountable to the AIC Board.

Distribution of Needs-Based Funding

AIC employs the existing Australian Government funding model methodology for distributing funds among its colleges, ensuring equitable allocation within the system. This approach adheres to the guidelines outlined in the Australian Education Act 2013 and Australian Education Regulation 2013.

Recognising the significance of needs-based funding, AIC distributes its allocation to accommodate the diverse circumstances of students and individual colleges. This strategy aims to mitigate disadvantages and ensure a high-quality education for all students across AIC colleges.

Funding received from the Australian Government is received into a single pool by AIC, subsequently distributed to individual colleges using the base funding and loading methodologies provided by the Commonwealth Government. Specific funding allocated to colleges or students for specialised reasons is fully directed to the respective colleges on their behalf.

To cover the expenses associated with centralised services provided by the AIC Head Office, each college contributes a management fee or system levy, determined, and approved by the AIC Board. This fee is based on student numbers, or the proportion of services/costs provided to each college.

Moreover, additional funding for specific needs to support student achievement, including those with learning challenges, disabilities, low socioeconomic status, low English proficiency, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, as well as colleges disadvantaged by location or size, follows the same methodology as the Australian Government funding model.