Executive Team

Abdullah Khan OAM & FACEL

Executive Principal and CEO

Abdullah Khan has broad expertise that he acquired from working in both public and independent school sectors. His contribution to education is immense and includes successfully leading four Islamic schools, achieving significant improvements in academic results, financial capacity, and integration of Islamic values across all areas of the curriculum.

Awards & Recognition

WA Multicultural Awards – Outstanding Individual Achievement Award 2021 

Acknowledged for outstanding leadership to improve employment and education opportunities for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities by removing barriers and fostering engagement. Advocate for significant and sustained impact on CaLD communities in WA from grassroots to State policy level including combatting Islamophobia and eliminating hate related crimes against Muslims.

ACEL WA Awards – ACEL Fellowship (Honorary) 2016

Acknowledged for outstanding leadership in the practice and theory of educational leadership that has had a significant contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

Business Manager

Rashida Hafeez joined the Australian Islamic College in July 1995 and has since been assigned to a variety of administrative roles and positions. 

Considering her potential in finance and administration, she was promoted to the role of Business Manager in 2010. Ever since she has been successfully managing and overseeing the Business, Financial  administration functions, Risk Management, IT, school bus transportation, property and facilities as well as development of the college. 

She reports directly to the Executive Principal/CEO of the college and is a key member for the leadership and senior management team of the college. 

Principal Kewdale

Mohammed Nazar Khan has significant experience in the development and management of schools, leadership coaching, staff appraisal, summative and formative assessments, and the professional development of teachers. He demonstrates a keen interest in providing inspiration, assistance, and understanding of STEM implementation and integration across all levels of teaching and learning practice at school.

Principal Dianella

Ustadh Wahaj Tarin graduated as an Extractive Metallurgist. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. His passion for faith-based education has led him to secure a number of positions. He is currently the Principal of the Australian Islamic College, the President of Islamic Motivations as well as the conductor of weekly Halaqas and one of our community’s prolific Khateebs.

Principal Thornlie

Endah started her journey with AIC in 1995.  In 2017 she was appointed as Principal of Thornlie.  She is an extremely hard working and dedicated Principal who possesses a strong work ethic.  Endah is skilled at bringing all stakeholders together to form a powerful unit to work together to reach school targets and attain desired outcomes. Endah approaches problem-solving peacefully and is very passionate about ensuring a supportive and nurturing teaching and learning environment is maintained.

Robert Mayze

Principal Adelaide

Robert Mayze has extensive teaching experience and qualifications.  He also holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and has always been actively engaged in multifaith initiatives.  From 2000 to 2009, Robert served as Principal on the same site as Islamic College of South Australia (ICOSA) and therefore is thoroughly familiar with the needs of the Muslim community in Adelaide.  For the seven years that he lived in Europe, he gained extensive teaching and leadership experience in multicultural schools that led to the European Baccalaureate.  In 2016, upon returning to Australia, he led an Islamic primary school in Perth and introduced new approaches to learning and teaching.  Robert believes in leading by example and expects as much of his staff and students as he does of himself.

Principal Henley Brook

Donia Elbakdadi, a dedicated educator and mother of three, holds a Master’s in Education specializing in Behavior Management and possesses over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience. Born in Perth, she is deeply committed to nurturing the intellectual, Islamic, and personal growth of youth. Known for her innovative methods, Donia has successfully implemented diverse programs, from project-based learning to integrating technology, to enhance the educational experience. Her passion and forward-thinking approach ensure a positive and enriching learning environment for students and staff alike.

Principal Forrestdale

Fadhilah Baktir, who, as a former student of the College, brings a wealth of expertise, having been both a graduate and a teacher within our institution. Having earned a Bachelor’s in Primary Education and currently pursuing a Master’s in Leading Education, she prioritizes fostering innovation, Islamic values, and continuous improvement. Fadhilah emphasizes a comprehensive curriculum, advocates for diversity and inclusion, and cultivates critical thinking and adaptability in students. With her compassionate leadership, she prepares students for the future, emphasizing the importance of integrity and respect.