Endah Hayes

Principal Thornlie Campus

Endah started her journey at AIC in 1995 and has been serving as principal at the Thornlie campus since 2017.

She is extremely hard working and possesses a strong work ethic. She works very hard above and beyond with absolute commitment and unquestionable dedication to her work.

Endah has sound organisation skills and excellent ability to see the big picture and attention to details. She has outstanding skills in managing and operating the school in a most productive and effective way. She has a great ability to identify and capitalise strengths among staff to form a strong team which is vital in order for any organisation to be successful.

Basing on her conviction on the Holy Quran 61: 3 “O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do?”, Endah believes that leading by example is the most effective leadership. Staff are striving to work to their full capacity under her guidance and directions.

She is great at bringing all stake holders, such as staff, students, parents and the wider community, together to form a powerful unit to work together to reach school targets and desired outcomes.

Endah approaches problem solving in a most peaceful way. She is a caring person, respectful and approachable. She is very passionate in ensuring that a supportive and nurturing teaching and learning environment take place.

Endah is also an open-minded person with a strong focus on building positive relationships with the wider community.

Endah sets high expectations and strives for excellence in all aspects of school life.

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