Muhammad Nazar A. Khan

Principal Kewdale Campus

A skilled, dynamic, and student-focused education leader with extensive experience in motivating learning environments, teaching in West African, Cambridge, and Australian Education systems, with a proven track record in maintaining excellent teaching and learning standards, increasing students’ academics and well-being, Br. Mohammed Khan joined Australian Islamic College as Physics & Mathematics teacher in 2003.

Br. Khan has B.Sc. (Physics & Mathematics) M.Sc., (Physics), B.Ed. (Science & Mathematics) and Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training from Pakistan and Australia. With a strong commitment to the development of students and staff and providing a stimulating and safe environment, he has been Physics Teacher, Head of Physics, Head of Mathematics, and Head Teacher, Dean of Students, Deputy Principal, Principal, and a member of the school management team, in the schools of Pakistan, Nigeria, Brunei, and Australia, respectively
His paramount resourcefulness is to provide the leadership that will facilitate an Islamic School environment to provide quality education embedded with High Impact Teaching Practices to meet the needs of each student in this era of science and technology. He aims to engage each student in an academically challenging educational program by linking the curriculum with critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. He adopts and promotes a data-driven attitude towards measuring student’s pace and progress at school.

Br Khan has significant experience in the development and management of schools, leadership coaching, staff appraisal, summative and formative assessments, and the professional development of teachers. He demonstrates keen interest and expertise in providing inspiration, assistance, and understanding of STEM implementation and integration across all levels of teaching and learning practice at school.

He sincerely trusts that parents, carers, teachers, teacher assistants, support staff, and administration all have a vital role to offer extended openings to our kids to obtain the knowledge and skills to become good Muslims, active, and informed citizens of Australia.

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