14 September 2021

Assalam o Alaikum,

The school is committed to the academic, social, and spiritual well-being of our students. Efforts have been put daily for students’ academic excellence, behaviour improvement and display of good mannerism. We believe that it is important for our students to be connected to the school through positive relationships and a strong sense of community.

It is with great pride and excitement, the Australian Islamic College announces Academic Scholarship Program for the Years 7 to 10 students. This Scholarship is merit-based on the academic excellence of a student.

The scholarship provides a discount on school fees with the following conditions:

  1. The scholarship is awarded to the First, Second and Third position holders from each cohort as mentioned above. The position of the students will be determined by their GPA of the term marks.

  2. The scholarship contributes towards tuition fees for the duration of one term.

  3. The position holders are offered a reduction of school fees for a fixed period of one term as follows:

First Position in the cohort: 100%  reduction of the normal school fees

Second Position in the cohort: 75% reduction of the normal school fees

Third Position in the cohort: 50% reduction of normal school fees

  1. Scholarships are reviewed after every term.

  2. Students are expected to maintain academic progress, behaviours and attitude that meet the Student Code of Conduct.

  3. The Scholarship does not cover levies or other charges (e.g., excursions, books, camps, uniform etc.)

  4. The Dean of Assessment & Events will finalize the merit list of the students with the consultation of deputy principals and submit it to the principal’s office by the end of each term.

We believe that every student can learn and be successful. The school assures support and guidance providing students with an appropriate and challenging educational experience in a respectful environment that fosters learning and growth.

I am grateful to the executive principal for his keen interest in students’ academic and social wellbeing approving the Academic Scholarship Program, Alhamdulillah.

The program is effective with the Term 3, 2021 accumulated result, in sha Allah


Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan