14 December 2021

Assalam O Alaikum

Dear parents, students and well wishers,

It has been a busy time for students engaging in the curricular and co-curricular activities organised by the English Learning Area. Please take a moment to marvel at the success of the winners of the Spoken Word Competition. Next, enjoy reading the wonderful work samples such as poems, feature articles, interviews, advertisements and news reports produced by students in their English and Journalism Elective classes. Also, have a look at how the Year 9 students managed to unpack a novel inside a bag. Incredible, isn’t it?

Thank you to all the students and teachers for their enthusiasm and hard work in English this term.

Spoken Word Competition

The English Department of High School, Kewdale conducted the Intercampus Spoken Word competition for Years 9-12. Students from Dianella and Kewdale campuses participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the event as this was an opportunity to showcase their creative and oratorical skills in a form that is relevant to today’s youth. Prizes in the Year 9 category were won by students from Dianella, while the Kewdale teams bagged all the prizes in the Years 10, 11 and 12 categories. ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is the adage- The pictures below speak volumes of the success of the spoken word competition.

Year 9 Category Winners

First Prize: Sana Mohmoodi, Nargis Allami and Muniira Hussein of AIC Dianella

Second Prize: Nimco Sadi Mohamed and Nadra Haibeh of AIC Dianella

Third Prize: Wajeeha Mahmood of AIC Dianella

Year 10 Category Winners

First Prize: Yara Soliman of AIC Kewdale

Second Prize: Hadja Jalloh of AIC Kewdale

Third Prize: Jasmine Elsaafin and Mariama Diallo of AIC Kewdale

Year 11 and 12 Category Winners

First Prize: Nabeela Khan of AIC Kewdale

Second Prize: Rania Atee of AIC Kewdale

Third Prize: Aisha Elmi and Sarah Saabi of AIC Kewdale

Some Poetical Musings by Year 8 students


By Muhittin Canbakis Year 8

The greens are dying

They are lying

The world is dead

They just sleep in the bed

The earth’s biggest problem pollution

There might be a solution

The poisonous air

Is a despair

Solid and liquids are suspended

Hopefully ended

Water pollution is caused by global warming

Its like throwing paper into the water which is harming

Mood is sad,

Another one is deforestation

Its deflation for oxygen

The trees are bleached, bright birches and brown

It’s knocked with a breeze


The theme of the poem is pollution its mood is sad, heart breaking and fearing. “it’s like throwing paper in the water which is harming” is a simile because it used like.” The trees are bleached, bright birches and brown” is alliteration.” The poisonous air” is a hyperbole because the air is not actually poisonous.

Erupting Volcanoes

By Abdurrahman Parkar & Hussein Qureshi Year 8


RRoaring ash, faster than the sight of the human eye

U-Up into the sky

P-Pouring lava down

TThroughout the Earth

I-In the sea

N-Nothing but rock and stone

G-Grey ash is all you can see


V-Volcanic bombs destroying people like you and me

O-Overflowing through it’s vast, vicious, and violent vent

L-Lahars destroying everything in their path

C-Calderas, so powerful, they explode when they erupt

A-Almost collapsing on top of themselves

N-No mercy to anyone

O-Over years, however, the landscape around becomes fertile and useful

E-Eruptions hotter than the sun

S-So big, some take up entire islands, some a couple hundred feet

Key for Poetic Devices:

Hyperbole = RED                            Personification = PURPLE

Alliteration = BLUE


by Zeynab Farah, Rahaf Al Shadfan, and Amina Haji

Feature Articles by Year 12 English General Students

Students of Year 12 General worked collaboratively to create online magazine exploring issues relevant to today’s youth. Please find below work samples of feature articles, advertisements and interviews:

News articles by Year 11 English students


The Year 9 Cohort has been studying the novel The Giver this term. For their assessment, they were required to create a bag or box all about novel and select or make items that have some sort of symbolic relevance to the book. Students got really creative with their bags and produced some fantastic work!

Newspaper produced by Year 9 Journalism Elective Students

– Sr. Yasmeen Kareem

HOLA, English Learning Area