14 December 2021

We have had a great time in Green School Club this term, with a range of interesting activities. Students have been conscientious in their efforts throughout the term and this has supported excellent learning in a really fun environment.

Our vegetable garden has been successful, carrying on from our planting last term our girls have maintained our garden beds and we are now into our harvesting period for most vegetables.

We spent time in the science lab understanding alternatives to plastics, and embarked on our own experiments to manufacture biodegradable polymers.  We also created different bio-pesticides for use in the garden, and used microscopes to develop our understanding of plant and animal cells.

Thanks to the City of Stirling and Peg Davies for an enlightening presentation on recycling in the school and at home. We are now working with the P&F to implement the Containers for Change program at AIC. 

Towards the end of term, we focused on different aspects of sustainable fisheries, culminating in a fishing trip to the Swan River. We weren’t very successful, but it was fun and interesting to learn a little about fishing and the different species of fish in fresh waters in Perth.

Overall, it was an excellent term for our club and we are all looking forward to future iterations.