14 December 2021

Human Rights Day – 10.12.2021 – Spoken word

Farwa Nahoori – Yr11 Politics and law

Juvenile executions in Iran

Exploited workers in Arabia

Attacks in Myanmar

And Mercury Poisoning in Japan

People shouldn’t be judged because of a Kaftan

Or be threatened for trying to lift the country’s hijab ban

Many human rights are being violated and breached

There’s a story about a girl who looked up at bombs and just screeched

Because she knew that her time had reached

But the tragic thing is that she hadn’t been out for months on the street.

She felt like she was in her house tied and leashed

But it was better to be safe then be remains in concrete.

What’s sad is, she always wondered “will there be anything tomorrow for us to eat”

While we take for granted our rice, salads, bread and meat.

Human rights is what we must all receive

Doesn’t matter what we have or haven’t achieved

Because no person should be trying to escape and leave

Their homes, but sadly the only thing they do is grieve.

And all their government does is deceive

And make them believe, using every trick up their sleeves

Treating them as a naïve and the truth not being what they want them to perceive.

Human’s rights aren’t only for you and me,

It’s for every human no matter what religion, race, class, or creed.

So, we should try and help the less fortunate needs

Like teaching them how to write and read

Because we shouldn’t just ignore and watch nations and countries bleed

While they scream for help and plead

Because human rights deserve to always proceed

That’s why you should take up the opportunities and lead

The ummah to these righteous deeds.

Human Rights Day – 10.12.2021 – Spoken word

Hadja Jalloh – Yr 11 Politics and Law

Genocide in China,

Disasters in Haiti,

Taliban in Afghanistan,

And Zionists in Palestine.

Please don’t tell me you’re uneducated when it comes to war crimes

Or maybe this ignorance is because it doesn’t have to do with yours or mine.

Our countries, our lands might be safe but what about that country that’s on the headlines.

Might be Palestine, Iraq, or Syria or maybe if lucky they’d maybe mention Liberia.

By the way CNN, does that go against your guidelines,

Because it seems that none of your reporters have oppressed countries that they are assigned.

Many of these violations are not to be spoken

But I hadja Jalloh, know that rules are to be broken

Only if simple human rights are not to be spoken about in the open.

Do you know about human trafficking happening in Nigeria,

Or the fact that villages in Eritrea only have water affected by Bacteria

Or did the education department again forget to add it to the criteria??

I’m not trying to throw shade but, open your eyes and witness what is trying to be dismissed

Because these issues and problems really do exist.

And even a child will find it hard to miss

And the truth youse all know, have a little twist.

From starvation to child marriages and on goes the list.

Please inform me about 5 current violations, please I insist.

Human aid is needed in Sudan

Schools shut down in Cameroon

Violence to the Tigray

And protests in India

Human’s rights aren’t only for you and me,

It’s for every human no matter what religion, race, class, or creed.

No one deserves any less because who are you to oppress.

Day to day, inflicting someone to deal with so much stress.

Not recognizing they are also human, and not any less.

Stand up to violations of simple human rights.

Because while you sleep every single night,

An innocent person isn’t sleeping due to fright.

Something we can’t even understand for a slight.

Things they deal with and can’t put up a fight

Because their circumstances are so so tight.

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