14 December 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians

Assalam o Alaikum

Alhamdulillah as we are coming to the end of another very successful and busy year 2021, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given both to your child and the school. I would like to congratulate parents and families for the success of their children.

We are proud of our students; this has been reflected in our celebrations of their success in the Kindy & Pre-Primary Graduation Ceremonies, Year Level Awards & Year 12 Graduation Evening. We have provided our students with an opportunity to celebrate their success and accomplishments in a manner that is safe, respectable, and in the spirit of their achievements.

The Sports Awards Presentation & Annual Sports Carnival, Theme Based Assemblies, and Awards, Seerah Week & Quran Recitation contest, and of course Lower Secondary School Scholarships Scheme, Excellence Awards & Principal’s Tea invitation each term have boosted the morale and spirit of the students.

Summer break is providing you a great opportunity to sit with your children and discuss family and Islamic values and your expectations from them. Please provide them a Biography of Prophet (PBUH) they can read and reflect upon during holidays.

If students laze away the days of summer without using their minds, they can lose up to a month of learning. Keep your child engaged with an academic enrichment program along with fun, and brain-friendly activities. Educational computer games can engage students’ minds, but make sure your child is spending enough time away from the screen and social media. The use of mobile phones, as well as the computer, needs to be carefully monitored to ensure that your child has enough sleep and maintains healthy contacts.

Devise a plan, tell your child that reading and learning activities will be an important part of their summer. Homework has been set for all students to complete for the start of the holidays. Homework routines create clear expectations for your child, so they know what is required of them. It also helps them to develop good study habits of doing their work.

This will help your child to get off to the best possible start when school reopens. We expect students to complete homework and to hand it in on the date set by the teacher.

The Early Start for Year 11 & 12 classes has given students a scholarly boost, productive and intensive revision time in holidays. This summer break is providing ample opportunities to students to study course content and prepare for exams, increasing their confidence and motivation for their forthcoming exams and assessments. Please guide your children in their studies effectively, so that they could manage stress and reach their goals.

Evidence suggests that physical activities play a vital role in your children’s maturity, emotional and social development. You can encourage your children to play sport according to their choice at least for 60 minutes every day.

I would take this opportunity to thank our teachers and staff for their painstaking work, perseverance, and patience. Their consistent planning, teaching, marking, encouraging, modelling, and explaining have come to a realization. We appreciate everything they have done for the school and the students. They must be proud to see their student’s attainment climbing another step on a ladder of success and achievement. Thank you very much to our teachers and staff for their hard work, commitment, and tenacity.

We wish you and your children happiness and success in the future. We look forward to welcoming all children refreshed and ready for the challenges of the year 2022 back to school on Thursday, January 27, 2022, at 8.20 am in sha Allah.

I wish you a blessed summer, in sha Allah


– Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan


Kewdale Campus