14 December 2021

Assalam u alaikum

I hope this message will find you in the best of health and Iman in sha Allah. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, parents for a productive and thriving term back at the Australian Islamic College. We have had a very busy term and I would like to take this time to highlight a few fantastic things that have happened in Kewdale primary this term. Our teachers go above and beyond what is expected and show their commitment to the school, the students and the wider community day after day.

Sporting Events

  • Alhamdulillah, we have some wonderful sporting events this term. Sr Nuria has been very busy taking the students to many events this term. The students enjoyed the Basketball camp and the Netball carnival immensely.  The integration of Basketball tournaments are also a favourite amongst the students at lunch time play time. The school is so grateful to Sr. Nuria and all of the wonderful extracurricular events that she plans for our students to provide them with a well-rounded form of education.

Quran Competition

  • Kewdale primary was so blessed to be involved in the intercampus Quran competitions this term hosted by the Thornlie Campus. Selected students travelled by bus to Thornlie campus to compete with other children for a select amount of surah’s that were practiced and memorised.  It was truly a memorable event that students participated in and enjoyed meeting their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

Eid Celebrations

  • This year the students took part in Eid celebrations at the Kewdale primary campus for Eid al Adha. Eid is a day of celebrations and the students celebrated on campus with a carnival that they truly enjoyed and appreciated.

Book Fair

  • The book fair was a big hit at the Kewdale Primary campus. So many students and parents came to buy books for their children which was lovely event planned by our very own librarian Sr. Tahmina.

Spelling Bee

  • The students took part in a 3-tier system studying and preparing the whole term for the Spelling Bee. The final contestants competed against each other in the primary masjid to illustrate their skills and competencies in the Spelling Bee challenge.

Science Week

  • All teachers participated and guided their students to participate in a brief science challenge to spark the interests of their students in the areas of creativity and problem solving. The end of the week was celebrated with 2 science experiments that the school prepared to ignite the love and creativity of science and how it could be so fun and exciting.  The illustration of elephant’s toothpaste as well as putting sodium in water to see how it reacts and booms was a wonderful way to end the week.

– Zana Hassan    
Deputy Principal Primary School