14 December 2021

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Alhamdulillah, the term has flown by. it has been another amazingly busy term with a great deal of success to celebrate. We have had another exciting term Masha’Allah – full of activities, challenges, and growth.

As part our curriculum this term for year 10 Humanities and social science we covered Geography, where they focused on pollution and recycling in Australia. The concepts of Sustainability, climate change and wastage were the key focus. The course incorporates both theoretical and practical learning. This, it was great opportunity for the year 10 HASS girls to take part in a STEAM project which involved collecting rubbish around the school after recess. Followed by separating the scrap and recyclable items. The students collected over 300 wrappers and 50 straws under 30 minutes. the recycled those items into a display for the classroom.

Followed the project, they created an infographic poster for their research assignment. The purpose and outcome of this project was for students to understand importance of recycling and how it impacts on many aspects of our lives. This activity allowed students to make sound decisions based on critical thinking, in line with their own and societal values.

Overall, it was so pleasing to see all students engaged in this activity. The students really presented themselves confidently and really owned the experience. The feedback from the students was all positive and a memorable experience. They gained many valuable skills and realised their potential outside of the classroom environment.


On 9th September 2021, the Year 10 students visited the Army Museum of Western Australia. It was an informative two hour session as the students were brought to the various exhibits on events and artefacts of World War 1 to World War 2.

The students showed enthusiasm, listening to stories from the volunteer who brought them around. The excursion brought History lesson in the textbook to life and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the session.


The year 11 BME (General) students were engaged in Team building activities during their BME lesson. They have to build the tallest tower with their team members using the limited resources provided. They were very engaged and competitive. At the end of the activity, they did a reflection on the success and problems they faced during the activity.

– Suriani Ab Rahman
HASS teacher (High School) & Year 11 BME (General) Teacher