14 December 2021

Our Kindergarteners have had some brand-new experiences this term, such as participating in a school-wide event like book week, visiting the book fair in the library, watching a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and more! We enjoyed listening to students share their favourite stories during book week, and it was amazing to see how many have developed a love for books!

Kindergarten is ever engaging as we strive to provide our students with experiences that will foster their love for learning. We have covered many interesting topics this term.

In Literacy, students have also continued to enjoy learning letters and sound through our Jolly Phonics program. We certainly have some budding readers on the way!

In Numeracy, we explored measurement! From size to weight and capacity, students were eager to share their understandings through written work and hands-on activities.

In Integrated studies, we discussed concepts of print and how to care for books which led us to Book Week! We also learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Students were immersed into this topic through music and movement, stories, videos, art and more! We discussed the changes we may see as living things grow and how we can care for them too.

Term 4 will be even bigger and better!