14 December 2021

Term 3 in a Glimpse

Term 3 has passed so quickly and the September holidays will soon be with us. This term was filled with fun, loads of discovery, and lots of learning and new adventures. Thank you parents of our students for everything you do for your children to make them successful. Without families like yours, they would not be where they are today and also it make our work easy, thanks for your support.

Eid Dress Day

Eid took place in the first week of Term 3 and students had the opportunity to wear their beautiful Eid outfits to school.

Tabletop Activities

The endless benefits of engaging in tabletop activities! In our kindergarten classroom manipulatives are provided every morning for students’ development.

Ruth Faulkner Library Visitor

Kindergarten students were visited by a representative from Ruth Faulkner Library.  They engaged in a read-aloud session which they thoroughly enjoyed.

AIC Student and Author Visit

Up and coming author and AIC Kewdale student Alysha Ernanto read her book, Eid in Spring Town to the kindergarten students.  They were captivated by the experience.  Masha Allah to Alysha for being a wonderful role model.

Eid Fun Day

Excitement all round!  The students had the most wonderful time at the Eid Fun Day.

SERCUL Algae Busters | Catchment Story

The SERCUL incursion was of great importance to the kindergarten students.  Students engaged in an interactive experience where they were able to see first hand what happens when harmful pollutants enter our water system and how they play a role in keeping our rivers and waterways healthy.

St John Ambulance

One of this term’s incursions included a visit from St John Ambulance.  The team from St John Ambulance promoted the importance of children knowing their home address and knowing how to dial 000 in an emergency.

National Science Week

This year’s theme for National Science Week was Food Different by Design.  Kindergarten students investigated how a solid can be turned into a liquid.  They were fascinated to see an apple (the solid) turn into a liquid.

Food Different by Design

Kindy children participated in designing their bread with different edible items.

Book Week | Character Dress Up Day

What a success! Students in kindergarten came to school dressed in their favourite book characters. Each and every student looked amazing in their outfits.

STEM in Early Childhood Education | Project in Progress

Kindergarten students have made an enthusiastic start on their fairytale themed STEM project.  After a read-aloud session of The Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and The Three Bears, students brainstormed solutions to making Granny’s house safer and have decided the solution for Goldilocks is to make her a bed of her own.  We hope to share the final products of these projects in next term’s newsletter.

Students Busy in Different Activities

– Kindergarten Teachers