14 December 2021

Welcome to our Term 3 Physical Education Schoolzine news!

This term we welcomed Br Hasanin who will be part of the physical education department in Primary school and we welcomed back Sr Nuria from long service leave.

This term was a busy term with many activities taking place in the physical education department.

We had netball clinics, badminton clinics and athletic clinics for our students, thanks to the sporting school grants, we are able to give more opportunities for students to develop their sporting skills.

Our Year 5 classes are taking part in the Fremantle Multicultural schools program, we are very lucky to be part of this, as it is the first time it is running in WA and we are the first school to be trialling this new program.

Here is a little bit more about the program from the Fremantle Dockers Community:

“The multicultural school program has been established to ensure Australian Football is a vehicle that encourages community strengthening and inclusion within the wider Australian community. The AFL’s multicultural strategy focuses on developing programs to increase engagement, participation, talent and social outcomes. The objective of this program is to provide opportunities and pathways for students from schools across the state with large multicultural populations, to be engaged in all areas of AFL football.”

We are very lucky to have this program and looking forward to completing the upcoming sessions with the students.

We had two excursions this term, the first one was the School Slam Series which was a basketball competition held at the Bendat Stadium on Wednesday 25th of August. We had 30 students represent the AIC Kewdale Primary at the tournament.

Congratulations to the all the students who were involved in the tournament!

Abdallah Yacout
Emre Serin
Musab Sharief
Mohammad Al Mahameed
Zaidan Weale
Wissam Ismail
Muhammed Ajiboye
Zainuddin Zilic
Ukashah Parkar
Idris Hamid
Abdallah Ahmad
Wafi Rahman
Bilal Mohamed
Marwan Yussuf
Abdullahi Abdullahi
Mohamud Abdirizaaq
Mostafa Ebid
Haiderali Al Sayad
Adam Shuard
Adam Endro
Maaz Basit
Najma Ahmed
Amina Abdi
Sarah Weisi
Salma Jama
Khadija Mahamud
Amina Hared
Elif Baser
Nur Mehamed
Jamila Muhumed
Aisha Adow

We also had our year 4 and 5 girls represent AIC Kewdale Primary in the annual Multicultural Netball carnival on Friday 27th August. The girls showed amazing skills, teamwork and pride in playing in the tournament. Congratulations to the all the girls who participated in the tournament.

Nurain Hossein
Deeqa Handule
Suntus Musa
Balqees Ahmadzai
Anzal Yassin
Amna Noor
Nawal Ali
Sumaiya Aliyi
Shabnambi Bin Shafiq
Alya Ahmed
Hamedah Mohammadi
Zaheedat Owede
Rahma Moftar
Rahaf Salih
Amina Dizdar
Weam Al Hasan
Aseel Al Koud
Areeba Irfan
Rahma Abubakar
Breshna Fidaie
Eman Al Owaily
Malikah Mohasseli
Khadijah Du Toit
Reena Younes
Hamda Mire
Yusra Afi
Afnan Rashid