14 December 2021

What a fantastic start we have had to Semester 2!
Time has flown by so quickly and the children are almost at the end of their Pre-Primary Year. We have had an eventful Term filled with lots of learning and a couple of school events.


In Numeracy this term, the children are learning about Indirect Measurement and Patterning. In indirect measurement, we have explored Length, Mass and Capacity. We have also began learning about Patterns, how to copy, continue and create our own patterns. The children are exploring AB, ABB and ABC patterns. We are also still consolidating our numbers and counting skills.


In Biological Sciences, we are learning all about Living Things. We have discussed what is classified as a living thing, what plants and animals need to survive. We have also looked at some life cycles of animals.

National Science Week
For National Science Week the theme was Food for Design. In PPA we investigated and explored how to make a healthy meal. The children designed their own healthy salad and planned what vegetables they wanted to put into their salad. Afterwards they created their salad in the home corner using the healthy food items.

Tinkering table allows the children to deconstruct tech equipment. Ayisha investigating a mother board and the wires of a printer.

Food Different by Design

Healthy food design for our salad. Children used manipulatives around the class to make their own salad.

Visual Arts

This term we have used all the Elements of Art such as line, colour, texture, space, form, value and shape to explore printmaking. We have used different methods to print on paper. We used bubble wrap and dish soap and edicol dye to create prints on paper. We also learned about symmetry and how we use one side of the paper to print the same design on the other.


We have participated in many events this term MashaAllah.

Eid Festival

We began this term on a high with our Annual Eid Festival. It has been postponed a few times due to the weather but it was worth the wait. The weather was beautiful and the children had a fantastic time. There were bouncy castles and an animal farm for the Pre Primary students. We even got to feed the animals!

St John Ambulance Incursion

We were very lucky to have the St John Ambulance Brigade pay us a visit. We learnt about what to do in an Emergency and specifically what number to call, 000. We even got to go on the ambulance and see what a paramedic does and the equipment they use. Back in the classroom, we looked at what Paramedics wear and even got to try some uniforms on!

Scholastic Book Fair

This term, we were fortunate enough to have the Scholastic Book Fair at our school. There were so many wonderful books to choose from. The Pre-primary children have been doing lots of reading in class so the book fair was perfect timing!

Hands on Learning

In Pre-Primary, we understand the importance of Learning through Doing. Therefore, we encourage the children to explore and discover through use of hands-on materials such as loose parts play and building blocks. Dramatic Play is another aspect of children learning through doing by developing critical thinking, social and problem-solving skills as well as oral language skills.

The children have come a long way this year and we are excited for the coming term. Term 4 will be all about putting everything we have learnt this year together and consolidating our knowledge.

Have a lovely term break!

– Pre-Primary Team