14 December 2021

Science Week 2021

National Science Week is an opportunity to reflect on the lifesaving work done on our behalf by STEM professionals, especially the medical researchers and health professionals combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AIC, Kewdale science team organised a display of different demonstrations to honour the works of these many scientists. The event was set up in the new state of the art, Ibn Al-Haytham Science Block (Named after- Pioneering Scientist- Father of Modern Optics).

Students had the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on experience with the equipment and demonstrations.

Sr. Pashtoon Waheedy demonstrating making hot bubbles with solid carbon dioxide

Br. Farid Ahmed demonstrating the effects sound waves

Br Frank Hill demonstrating a titration

Students having a go at the titration setup

Students having a go at the titration setup

Students performing precipitation reactions

Students performing precipitation reactions

Br. Alexander George discussing the human anatomy

Students setting up elephant toothpaste demonstration

Students making a temperature reading

The Science Team