14 December 2021

Year 10 | Photography

The photography elective is running for the 2nd semester this year. Most of the students were very excited to get their hands on the DSLR cameras for the first time. The students learned about the different modes of setting the DSLR camera. They also learned about the different factors that affect a photograph

– Saleh Ibrahim
Photography Teacher

Year 7-10 | Woodworks

This semester our Yr7-10 woodwork student have applied their skills to create their projects. The Yr7s made a toolbox, Yr8s Quran table, Yr9s tea/jewellery box and Yr10s made candy dispenser. Our students enjoyed hands on activities and applied their skills and knowledge while creating their projects 

– Br Jihad
Woodworks Teacher

Design & 3D Printing

  • Year 7  

In the Engineering and 3D Design classes across Year 7’s and Year 8’s this semester students have been going above and beyond their design skills to create a Spaceship in Year 7, and a Boat in Year 8. For the Spaceship students had to follow some intricate instructions to add in a body, then wings, windows representing rooms in the spaceship as on or off depending on the colour and finally the legs. Some students decided to go all out and add in their own personal touch to their designs as well as cities/landscapes around to enhance their design even further. Below are just a few of many amazing and unique designs that the students have constructed throughout term 3.

  • Year 8

For the boats students had a bit more freedom in creating their design in which they first practiced how to create a hull (bottom) of the boat and once doing so designed their own while adding in their own elements onto the boat. Below is a simple design and more complicated design that was created by one of our most dedicated students. Be mindful that all of these designs were created completely from scratch with no instructions to follow, so it is amazing to see the work they can complete.

  – Kareem Magar
Design & Technologies Teacher

Year 9 | Microbit Elective

This semester Year 9 students commenced their learning Journey on Microbit. Students applied their skills in our project-based learning using their coding knowledge and design thinking skills using microbits equipment to construct their projects. They are working in creative ways and exploring the technology behind their design. 

Students have been amazed at their capabilities and what they can achieve when they have their mindset on tasks. 

So far students have created a Ticklebot, Guitar, and wallet. The students have been enjoying this course as it gives them the ability to engage through hands on activities.

– Noor Aljrood
Digital & Technologies Teacher

Year 7-10 | Food & Technology

This term our Year 7-10 in Food Technology students have learned and gained confidence in the following:

  • Use knives safely
  • Use Oven/Stove Safely
  • Follow Recipes
  • Use Kitchen utensils correctly
  • Write /Create Menus
  • Plate Dishes

Our students have been making some of the following Recipes:

  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Brownies
  • Fresh Pasta from scratch
  • Semolina Cake