14 December 2021


In Literacy this term we developed our 7 steps writing skills focusing particularly on persuasive writing. Our year ones also developed their phonics and reading skills in daily phonics rotations. During sentence structure, the children have been practicing writing sentences in the present, past and future tens along with the use of punctuation.


In Numeracy we explored concepts of measurement and practiced measuring items using informal units. We also continued to learn about time, focusing on o’clock and half past. We developed our understanding of addition and subtraction as well as number value and place value.


In Science we have had an exciting and hands on term, exploring and broadening our understanding about biological Sciences, this included looking at different living things and learning about the different parts of their bodies, as well as looking into the habitats they live in and what about the habitats helps them to survive. This has also been a term with a huge STEM focus, the children have dedicated time towards building their class STEM projects ready for the STEM exhibition next term.

National Science Week

Year 1B dissect some fish to study fish’s body parts in detail under the topic of ‘What animal live in the ocean and what body parts do they have to help them survive’. We also conducted an experiment to see what happen when the fish are heated by grilling the fish. We discovered that fish needs fins and tail to swim and gills to breathe underwater. We also observed that when fish is heated, its colour, texture, smell and taste changed.

Content Descriptor

  • Living things have a variety of external features (ACSSU017)
  • Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)
  • Everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways (ACSSU018)

For National Science Week, 1Cs participated in two experiments. A Volcano Eruption and making funny flowers.


In Art this term we explored the use of visual arts. This time round we turned our focus to a famous children’s author and illustrator, Eric Carle. We focused on the different illustrating techniques used by Eric in his many beautiful books. The children enjoyed collaging and applying lots of beautiful strategies to make gorgeous pieces of art.

EID Festival

The Year Ones have also enjoyed being a part the different ceremonies and activities that occurred throughout the term such as the award ceremony, the spelling bee, and the exciting EID festival where they partook in many fun activities and rides. They have also enjoyed taking part in the mascot challenge and have been developing their fundamental movement skills.


In Health we learnt about keeping safe and expressing our emotions in a safe and cohesive way. We participated in lots of discussions. The children enjoyed bringing in their soft toys to demonstrate kind interactions with friends.

Other Learning that Occurred

During HASS we continued to develop both our geographical and historical understanding. In History the children have been learning about the concepts of past, present and future as well as communication methods in the past and the importance of family traditions, while in Geography the children explored the weather and learned all about weather charts and how to draw weather symbols, this also included learning about when different seasons occur.

– Year 1 Teachers