14 December 2021

We have had an amazing year so far with so many new adventures to come. Read through to see what we have been doing in this productive 3rd term.


Students in Year 4 are learning about persuasive writing. So far, students have been focussing on the 7 Steps of persuasive writing, with a focus on following the structure closely. To help students develop their writing knowledge, we have focussed on each current topics that effect the students which has increased their passion towards their writing.

Students also applied their knowledge to be able to write a procedure for the creation of a string telephone and Cinquain poems.


Students have been introduced to a wide range of concepts so far this term. They began their numeracy learning journey with Place Value and understanding what value each digit holds behind the decimal place – tenths and hundredths columns. Students also spent a week focussing on division with and without remainders.

So far, students have had hands-on experience with measurement as they began determining the perimeter, area and volume of different 4-sided shapes. Students will also continue developing their skills in reading analogue and digital clocks, as well as solving elapsed time word problems.


This term in biological sciences, we have been exploring plants and pollinating insects. Our journey has led us to identifying the different components of seeds and the process of germination. Students have participated in investigations and experiments into the appearance of bees and how the different body parts work to pollinate plants. Students have also analysed the growth of beans inside the classroom so that they can identify the different sections of plants as they develop.

National Science Week

Students worked in groups to create catapults out of pop-sticks and elastic bands. This showed us how different amounts of force moves objects at different speeds.

Food by Design

Students investigating plant growth under different conditions.

Exploring parts of a flower. Students had a wonderful time dissecting flowers and categorising their female and male organs.


In History this term we have been learning about the First Fleet. Students have researched the reasons behind Britain’s establishment of penal colonies in NSW and why Britain needed a new large landmass to control. Students have investigated the treatment of convicts both during and after the journey of the First Fleet and compared the lives of convicts to their own.

Students have also researched and created a poster comparing one African country with Australia. Students were able to apply their learning in the creation of a Venn Diagram to support their research. Students have also begun identifying members of their local council and the purposes of the different levels of government.


Students have been developing their understanding of perspective and form throughout this term. Initially, students created artworks using one-point perspective in order to create an image that was pleasing to the eye. Students have now progressed to the creation of origami animals. This process has increased student appreciation of the efforts that go into origami creation and has enhanced their understanding of how to alter the form of one thing to create something new.

– Year 4 Teachers
Sr Diana, Sr Zahraa, Sr Mamoona, Sr Safia & Sr Rebecca