14 December 2021


Mathematics is an integral part of everyday life. Through explicit instruction and daily Maths warm-ups, the year 5’s have been learning about estimation and rounding off numbers, multiplying 3digit by 2 digit numbers and division in Term 3. We also learned how to calculate Volume of 3D shapes, Area of regular shapes and calculating elapsed time. Part of our everyday math lessons are our warm-ups where we revise the key concepts and basic facts taught. Students are presented with a variety of questions of the same concepts on a PowerPoint and are challenged to show their understanding on mini whiteboards.


This term students have been learning about the writing of a persuasive text. We have been focusing on real life problems such as, the culling of sharks in our oceans and the lockdowns across the country. Students have had to decide whether they are for or against these protocols and have had to write a strong and convincing argument using the correct text structure  to try and persuade their readers.


Term three is always the most exciting term for the students at AIC Dianella as we have the STEM exhibition and students get to come up with new and innovative projects. This time the year 5s created Motorised Boats. They had lots of fun designing, cutting (with the teacher’s help and supervision) and assembling the boat. The end result was an actual working boat that moves in water.


In Health the students have been focusing on a variety of different topics throughout the term. The focus has been on having positive attitudes and social-emotional skills that develop resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and getting along in students. The aim has been to teach students and ensure the child is safe and to prevent him or her from suffering harm by supporting the strengths, addressing the vulnerabilities and risk factors and helping meet the child’s unmet needs and promoting the child’s welfare, health and development.