14 December 2021


In literacy, students have been exploring free verse poetry. They have mastered the structure and understand the purpose of writing this type of poetry. Students have enjoyed examining poetic devices and analysing why these are used in poetry.

We have also been exploring procedural writing which ties in with our Science. The Year 6 students used procedural writing to make their own bread. Recipes included sweet milk bread and delicious damper.


This term in Maths, students have been working very hard to achieve great results. Along with our daily Math warmups, students have been completing fortnightly tests in both Mathematics and English. The results are analysed and inform the teaching for the following fortnight. Some of the topics we have covered are probability, fractions, volume and capacity, integers as well multiplication and division of large numbers. Students are now working hard to practice and revise for the upcoming end of term exam. We wish them luck and know they will perform their best.


In Science, we are focusing on living things and how physical conditions affect them. Students have explored micro-organisms such as yeast and conducted experiments to see how to make them active. We have also investigated the growth of mould on fresh produce and closely examined the process by recording our findings. Over the coming weeks, students will apply their knowledge and understanding of yeast by making bread.

This term, we have also started our STEM projects which will be displayed in the STEM exhibition. Each class has selected their own projects and are working hard to create wonderful pieces of work to present to the A.I.C. community


In HASS, we have been studying Geography with a major focus on the continent of Asia. Students have compared and contrasted Asia’s physical size as well as its population and cultures. We used this as a cross curricular opportunity and integrated with Art. We attempted to replicate Chinese New Year decorations, resulting in fierce dragons and beautiful lanterns.

Students also looked at how a country’s economic characteristics affect the population including, education, life expectancy, wealth and distribution and overall well-being. Through this learning journey, students have been able to make connections to our life in Australia.


In Health, we have been learning about how to stay safe and recognise when someone invades our privacy. This also includes learning how to respond to bullying and when to voice their concerns. We are teaching our students to communicate their feelings in a safe space where there is no judgement. This also links to learning how to be resilient and ‘bouncing back’ from negativity.