14 December 2021

Another great term has been completed by the students of AIC Kewdale primary. Our students have been actively involved in many activities this term.

Some highlights to look forward to in this terms newsletter are:

  • Using iPads
  • Coding
  • Minecraft Education
  • Game creation through coding

Pre-primary and Year 1

This term our Pre-primary and Year one students have been exploring iPad use, questioning and thinking about, what applications may offer and how to use them. We have been exploring, planning, devising and making digital stories, using the Art Marker App. Our students have been given the opportunity to generate and record design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling using sequencing in written or spoken steps.

We have also looked at representation of data – and that data can have patterns and be represented as pictures and symbols. Students have worked very hard to produce a digital story with a voice over recording that they will later get the opportunity to save and send to their loved ones.

Year 2

Following on Term 3, students have applied their algorithm knowledge and used Bee Bots to code it to the final destination using various Bee Bot mats. They have also used the online Bee Bot emulator. Students gave instructions to a friend and their partner would show their algorithm on the online Bee Bot platform.


Year 3

In Year 3, students have been exploring peripheral devices and their functions. Students understand that there are more than one device that can be connected to a digital system.

To consolidate their understanding students created a virtual computer using PowerPoint.


Year 4

Year 4 students have consolidated their coding knowledge and have completed various games and animation creations on Scratch.

Year 5

Students continued to create projects on Scratch. This term the Year 5 students created a maze game using Scratch. They have also been introduced to micro:bits and have started creating interactive coding projects using the micro:bit coding platform.

Year 6

This term, we looked at continuing our coding projects on Minecraft Education. Students created pixel art projects. We also explored binary numbers and Microsoft Excel.