14 December 2021


Dear Parents and Community Members.

Alhumdulilah we have had a great and successful term thus far, in the Health & P.E. department during term 4.  We have had our annual sports carnival which was initially rained out. This was an amazing spectacle. All the students were enthusiastically involved and participated with great sportsmanship. Our students have proven to be very talented in the track and field events, with many students setting record breaking times and distances in the events for Our School. A massive thank you to the P and F Committee for organising lunch for the students and all the teachers who helped in making the day a great success.

On the Friday of week 6, our students competed in the Badminton WA tournament. We played very well and Alhumdulilah our students represented us very well in the finals round. We have steadily been climbing up the rankings in this state tournament and insha’Allah this trend continues. This badminton academy has been achieving great success under the supervision and leadership of Sr. Crystal.

Our Lower School AFL team participated in the Annual Naitanui Competition. Our students did very well. We competed with the best teams in Perth and the students played their best. We look forward to the next competition coming up.

Term 4 has been an eventful term that has been packed with activities for all our students. Our students have had the opportunity to participate in multiple sporting codes and represent Our School in the best of ways.

We look forward to 2022 insha’Allah. This year soccer and netball were the 2 electives offered from the H.P.E department. Insha’Allah from next we intend on offering 3 more electives to our students, which are Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton.

We are grateful for your continuous support. Thank you to Our School’s management team and Our Community who are always willing to support us in every manner. JazakAllah.

Term 4 Badminton WA Tournament

Annual Sports Carnival Kewdale 2021

Annual AFL Naitanui Cup