14 December 2021

Assalamu alaykum,

I pray this finds you in the best of Imaan and Health.
My name is Abdur Raheem and I have recently joined the AIC teaching staff as an Islamic Studies/ Quran teacher at the end of term 3.
Although my time with the children has been relatively short, the students within that short time have showed great progress and it has been a pleasure to meet and have the opportunity to teach all of our students.

In Pre Primary In this last Term we had revised a few core concepts in Islam. Namely the 6 articles of faith and the 5 pillars of Islam.
We had the students create their own flower of Imaan of which each petal signified a pillar in Islam. When a plant is watered and looked after it flourishes into a beautiful flower that people and other creation of Allah benefit from, In the same way when our Imaan is nourished and the roots of Iman are strong then one will be able to beautifully display the 5 pillars in one’s own life.

The 6 articles of faith which make up the core beliefs in Islam was a focal point for our students this Term. Students were able to recall the 6 articles and some detail about each. This was consolidated by an in class activity wherein the students made a 6 articles of faith Booklet.

Exploring the story of Prophet Nuh a.s was one of our final projects . The prophet Nuh a.s strove to call people to Allah. Ultimately only a few adhered to his warnings until Allah sent the flood that would leave only those who worshipped Allah on the face of the earth. Students were thrilled to try and recreate a replica of the ship of Nuh a.s to take home.

May Allah in his grace accept our efforts and the efforts of the students and grant them all a blessed future in this world and the next. Ameen