14 December 2021

Term 4 Sports Carnival
On the 2nd of November, we held our Annual Primary School Sports Carnival at the Langford Athletics Oval. Thanks to our amazing helpers, Sister Nora, Brother Hajaz and Brother Yusef, our gazebos were up this year along with our new faction flags purchased kindly by our P&F ready for our students to compete.
Our students, teachers and parents all looked brilliant in their faction coloured tops and the chants for each faction were OUTSTANDING!! The FACTION CAPTAINS organised and inspired their team members to ensure every opportunity to gain valuable points was taken. The warm conditions were ideal for our day with our lovely P&F helping us to refuel with all the delicious foods they had prepared!
MashaAllah every student took part in a race and 3 station games which lead to the scores constantly changing throughout the day. Students participated enthusiastically in all their events. As we drew our events to a close and the scores were all added and finalized by Sister Delly, the winners were declared for this year to be the YELLOW team!! Many Congratulations to them!!
It was great to see our students engage so enthusiastically in all activities as part of a team! As our school sports motto goes: “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK’’, it surely did work so well for our sports carnival this year!
-Ms Heba Ridha
(Primary School Sports Teacher)