14 December 2021

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

Subhanallah the final Term of this eventful and challenging year is well under way. This term has been a very busy and productive term where our students are now Alhumdulillah ready to tackle year 1 InShaAllah.


Spelling tests have been such a success this term, they have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult words and performed brilliantly throughout the testing sessions. They also really enjoy writing sessions, where they can showcase their abilities to write meaningful stories.


During Numeracy this Term, the students were challenged with ordinal numbers, positions and locations of items, time and graphing activities, just to name a few.

Many of these activities were a challenge to our students, but as the foundations were strong they were up for that challenge


This term our STEM project was to investigate things that float and sink. We discussed terms like buoyancy and the density of items. The challenge was to build a boat that floats. The students discussed, planned and designed a replica of their boats.


The PPA and PPC had the privilege of having the team from SERCUL (South East Regional Centre for Urban Land care) come out for an incursion. Presenting the topic ‘Algae Busters’  The children learnt about the damage algae does to the waterways and how what we do in our homes and everyday lives causes more algae to be produced. They learnt how to reduce the algae growth, along with how water gets into the waterways.

Pre-Primary B

Pre-Primary C