14 December 2021

Welcome to Term 4 in Pre-Primary! What a busy term it has been so far, and there is still have so much more to come. From Sport Carnivals to STEAM projects to our up-and-coming graduation, this term has surely been one full of exciting events.

Fun Run

The children in Pre-Primary did an amazing job raising money for their Fun Run. A child from Pre-Primary B raised the most amount of money out of the whole school and Pre-Primary A as a class raised the most money in the whole school. Due to the crazy weather we have had over these last few months, our Fun Run was postponed. However, in Week 6 we were finally able to go on our Fun Run around Tomato Lake. The children all had a great time and were very excited to see so many people waiting at each spot around the lake.

Sports Carnival

The Pre-Primary children this term had their sports carnival at the Gerry Archer Athletics Track. The children participated in running races, parachute, and some team games. The children rotated through the team games of egg and spoon, flags race and bean bag race. The children all participated fantastically in all races and games. The children showed some great sportsmanship cheering along their team members and cheering for their House Factions. It was wonderful to see everyone dressing up in the House Colours ready to support their team. The children were very excited to participate in the Sports Carnival and to ride on the bus to the Athletics track too.


This year the children having been focused on making projects for the STEAM Exhibition. The children have worked individually and independently in some projects and have come together as a team and worked on their team skills for other projects. The children were really proud of all they had made and accomplished this year and were so excited to see all their projects displayed at the STEAM Exhibition.

STEAM Exhibition

All the children really worked extra hard this year to create some awesome projects. The children were given a chance to showcase all the hard work they had done all year for the whole school to see at the STEAM Exhibition. The Pre-Primary children were very excited to go and see all the other projects the primary school had made, as well as to see their own projects and art work at the exhibition.

Photo Day

Each year the school holds a photo day for all the children to have their photo taken with their classmates. It is always a fabulous momento for the children to have to look back on in the future.

Graduation Performance

At the end of this term, the children will be graduating Pre-Primary for their new beginning in Year One next year. The children have been working very hard on their performance for their graduation. The children will be performing a short skit demonstrating all their drama skills including voice and movement that they have practised in Drama this year. They will also be singing some nasheeds at the graduation in Week 9.

Exploring Through Play

In Pre-Primary, we try to allow the children time to investigate and explore their ideas and interests through play. In our classrooms we have areas set up for the children to discover and discuss things we are learning about. This term some of the children were exploring more in-depth about minibeasts as we are doing a performance about minibeasts for our graduation. Other children have been role playing a café setting where they are interacting taking orders and developing their customer services skills, making some delicious meals for everyone to order and eat. Other children have been exploring, building and creating on the tinkering table and doing some letter and invitation writing in the Post Office Area. The children have also been exploring and learning about Aboriginal symbols and how they are used to tell stories. The children have been recreating the symbol shapes using playdough.

Literacy & Numeracy

This year, the children have worked tirelessly to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. This term the Pre-Primary children have been focused on a lot of reading and writing tasks. The children have built up a strong literacy foundation throughout the year. In numeracy this term the children have been developing their addition and subtraction skills. The children are getting more and more confident adding and taking away small groups. The children have come so far from the beginning of the year and it is wonderful to see all the progress all the children have made and all the skills they have developed.

As we come to the end of another year and prepare the children for their graduation and their big transition to Year One, the Pre-Primary teachers want to thank all the children for their hard work and effort this year and we wish them a successful graduation and a wonderful year next year in year one. It will be sad to see them go but we are all so proud of the accomplishments all the children have made throughout the year.

All best for the coming years!

– Pre-Primary Team