14 December 2021

ALHAMDULILLAH. The Vocational Education and Training (VET) department at the Australian Islamic College have achieved 100% competency across all their year 12 courses in 2021. This is due to the hard work and persistence of the trainers to make sure that our year 12 students achieve their qualifications.

I would to thank and congratulate May Elsaba, Mohamed Farish and Daniel Luxton for their efforts. With the encouragement of management, the VET department are expanding the courses available to the students. On top of what has been offered, we are introducing new courses and also training new teachers. All this is in line with the growth of vocational education at the Australian Islamic College.

The VET department recently were approached by ATC Worksmart and Coffee Club to have our student apply for School Based Traineeships where they would work at Coffee Club one day a week whilst completing a Certificate II in Hospitality. To date 5 of our students have been offered trials and the expectation is that all 5 will be offered traineeships. These students will be getting a qualification and getting paid to work at the same time.

With the expansion of the VET department, more trainers were required. Together with our RTO Ivet, the Australian Islamic College VET Department held their inductions for the new trainers and refreshers for the current trainers. This was conducted on the 15th of November. This is in line with the college starting the New Year for upper school in week 5.l It was a very informative session as the new trainers now know the expectations required from them. The preparation and upskilling required from the trainers can be daunting but InshaAllah our trainers will do what is necessary to make sure that our students are given the best training available for them to be job and industry ready. The new trainers that will be part of the VET department are Meena Rawan (Hospitality), Anita Kakar (Applied Digital Technologies) and Noor Aljrood (Community Services).

With the introduction of new VET courses at the Australian Islamic College, new facilities are required to make sure that our students are given the best possible training available. A block of classrooms has been designated for VET and they are being refurbished. The Hospitality course being offered requires a simulated environment for our students to learn. We have refurbished one of the classrooms to be an actual café where the students will not only be learning hands on but also learning in an environment where they will be working.

The Hospitality students were involved form the start of the semester with the inductions held for the year 11 and 12s. A sausage sizzle was organised for the teachers and students. The VET Hospitality students showed a keen interest in the whole process which was pleasing to see.

InshaAllah all the Vocational Education and Training students will do very well and continue in the tradition of 100% completion and competency of the VET students from the years before.

– On behalf of the VET Team

Tengku Shahrul Shah

VET Coordinator