14 December 2021

Our Year 1s have had a fun filled, jam packed term!

Sports Carnival

Our students participated in a range of physical activities during the Lower Primary Sports Carnival to develop their gross motor skills and help enrich their team spirit. Well done to all the students who participated and demonstrated good sportsmanship!

Fun Run

The students also participated in the annual Fun Run around Tomato Lake this term. We were exceptionally proud of their effort to raise funds towards the Fun Run!

STEAM Exhibition

Our annual STEAM Exhibition was huge success as a cohort Year 1 worked cohesively to construct sustainable projects. Students demonstrated exemplary research, planning and engineering skills producing phenomenal projects to present at out STEAM exhibition.


In Literacy, this term, students focused on developing their understanding of a Narrative text and its features.


In Numeracy, students focused on time to the hour and half past, fractions (halves), skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. As well as ordinal numbers, partitioning, place value and money. Students used hands-on manipulatives during math rotations to further develop their understanding of these key mathematical concepts.


In Science, students developed a range of inquiry skills as they investigated how materials change.


In Drama, students were encouraged to explore the aspects and elements of performance using their voices as tools to explore tone and pitch. They also developed their understanding of using facial expressions to communicate.


In Health, students learned how to be assertive in keeping safe. They also learned strategies to help solve problems in conflicts, become persistent, repair friendships and recognise personal qualities and achievements.

– Year 1 Teachers