14 December 2021

We have had an amazing year so far with so many new adventures to come. Read through to see what we have been doing in this productive term.

Exhilarating experiences:

This term has been filled with adventurous activities from our amazing Sports Carnival, STEM Exhibition and Fun Run. Year 4 students have had a blast with these extracurricular activities. Students’ achievements have also been recognised through our semester awards – still to happen. Through these trying times, Year 4 students have been putting their best foot forward academically and have strived to do their best. May your hard work always be recognised and celebrated!


Our writing this term has taken us to magical places full of wonder. Students in Year 4 are learning about narrative writing with a focus on ‘Showing Not Telling’ so our readers precisely know what the character is feeling and doing. To help students in this endeavour we have explored adverbs, adverbial phrases, noun groups and adjectives.

We have also applied our understanding of spelling rules, strategy of chunking to ease the learning of spellings, and editing to refine their punctuation skills.


We have covered a wide range of concepts this term in Numeracy from being introduced to division, to learning about money and decimal places –tenths, hundredths and thousandths, our Year 4’s sure have had a well rounded numeracy journey. Students have hand hands on experiences with 3D shapes using pop sticks and cutting them in half to create cross sections.

In our numeracy investigations students have applied their skills in practical ways. Students analysed a spinner and learnt about chance and probability. Students have also learnt budgeting by providing them with a voucher of $100 and how to plan their day at Adventure World under that budget and making the most out of the day. Students are dealing with real world situations in numeracy to help prepare them for the future.


This term in chemical sciences we have been exploring the properties of different materials, what they are made of and what they are used for. We have used our scientific skills to explore the different types of gloves. As part of investigation, we are observing the absorbency of different materials. Through our observations we also recorded the drop in temperature and the insulation by different materials.


In History, we have been learning about the contact between Australian Aboriginal people and their Asian neighbours. We have researched the reasons behind the journey, and who were their neighbours. We also learnt about the impacts of the settlement of the British on Indigenous population of Australia. Students have been able to closely look at the relationship between the Governor Arthur Phillip and the Aboriginal member of the community – Bennelong.

In Geography, we have been learning about sustainability and how we need to manage our natural resources. Students have worked in groups to create a waste management sticker for a bin and a PowerPoint presentation about sustainability – the need of the hour. Students worked on their presentation during class and collaborated effectively online after school.


Our creative minds have been blossoming this term with students working on drama and its elements. Students extended their understanding of role and situation, as they continued to explore ideas through improvisation. Students continue to explore the elements of drama and selected drama forms and styles to communicate ideas using role, situation, space, character, and time. They continue to use rehearsal processes to enhance audience engagement and shape the drama for an audience. They have also written, rehearsed and delivered speeches on topics of their own choice.

– Year 4 Teachers: Sr Diana, Sr Mamoona, Sr Rebecca, Sr Safia and Sr Zahraa