14 December 2021

What a year it has been! We are very blessed to be able to have face to face teaching throughout the year. We have witnessed amazing growth in students’ learning and maturity. It is very sad to say goodbye to our students. We hope that we have made an impact in your child’s learning and we wish them the very best for their future.

This is what we’ve been up to in Term 4:


We continued with our daily literacy block, which consists of guided reading activities, spelling and writing. Our writing focus for the term was Narrative and Informational Text. Most students have mastered the structure of each writing text. We hope that through consistent practice, students will become even more creative with their writing!


This term we review all strands of numeracy and incorporated higher levelled problem-solving strategies. Additionally, students have been quite ‘hands-on’ with their learning.


We investigated the three states of matter. We dove deep into the different properties of each matter and learned about how adding and removing heat can transform matters into different states. We also investigated reversible and irreversible changes. In addition, we had a guest presentation, Sr Nashwa, to help us understand viscosity.


This term we learned about the difference between needs and wants. We learned about personal and community needs and wants. Furthermore, we studied about economy. We also learned about the different resources: capital, natural and human. Apart from that, we studied how the Indigenous people utilise natural resource and knowledge of country to care for their land.


In Health, we learned about those who are in our trusted network and how to problem solve using the POOCH and Traffic Light Problem Solving strategies. Apart from that, we learned about the five happiness and success blockers and how to counter these blockers.


This term we focused on the dramatic arts. We learned to plan and structure a working script. We were also given the opportunity to perform our script using the different elements of drama. Apart from that, we also created different themed visual arts for the STEAM Fair.


Our yearly FUN RUN was a huge success and we are very encouraged to have students raise funds for the school. Students had a wonderful time completing a lap at Tomato Lake.

Sports Carnival

Our annual Sports Carnival was a hit! We were blessed to have such amazing weather to enjoy the day with many activities. The event gave us the chance to develop our ability to perform in a highly competitive setting and to build teamwork and good sportsmanship.

STEAM Exhibition

Our yearly STEAM exhibition aims to engage the 21st century learners in critical and creative thinking. This year, our Year 5 had amazing and creative projects to showcase.

– Teachers: Sr Gladys (5A), Sr Jane (5B), Sr Zakia (5C), Sr Angela (5D) & Sr Huda (5E)