14 December 2021

Assalamu Alaykum

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to take the time to welcome you to the Term 4 2021 Edition of the Year 6 Newsletter.

We have had an extremely busy term with our Year 6 classes, learning in the classroom, preparing for their graduation, attending carnivals, transitioning to high school, preparing for the STEM Exhibition and much more. We are very proud of everything they have achieved this term and how far they have come.

What we are learning:


Our mornings are always busy with the literacy block where students complete their warm-ups, guided reading rotations, spelling warmups and the writing block, where they practice their narrative writing skills. This term we are focusing on persuasive writing following the 7-steps-writing structure. Students are also learning how to write fractured fairy-tales which connect with our narrative unit.


Students have one hour of numeracy every day where they complete their numeracy warm-ups for 15 minutes at the beginning of every lesson. During this warmup, they revise concepts they have learned throughout the year. This term students have been expanding their knowledge in equivalent fractions, multiplication of decimals, division of numbers larger than 999, 3D objects, nets of prisms and pyramids, chance using different objects, tree diagrams, positive and negative numbers and have been introduced to algebra and finding missing numbers. Every week students solve word problems, helping them to understand how the topics they have learned can be related into the real word, this also helps them further develop their comprehension skills and problem-solving abilities. Students have completed two investigations, helping them explore concepts taught and apply them in the real world.

Science & Design and Technologies

Throughout the term students explored the three main states of matter and how they fluctuate amongst each other through cooling or heating. During lessons, students had opportunities to conduct experiments, determine variables and draw conclusions based on their observations and the explicit teaching that occurs in a weekly basis.

For our Design and Technologies strand, students used their inquiry skills to research and construct their working models for the STEM fair. The use of circuits and kinetics was incorporated into our project elaboration. Students were heavily engaged throughout and the lessons created great discussions amongst students, helping them develop their problem-solving skills.


Students were very excited about learning business and economics throughout the term. We were able to explore through investigations how businesses work, making a budget, needs and wants of society, target audiences for success and evaluating the best approach to help businesses succeed.

Visual Arts

Students explored different elements of drama this term. Linked with their Speakers Challenge, students wrote their own speeches about a topic that they were passionate about and presented it in front of the class. Some students were chosen to compete against other year levels during assembly in front of the school, which was very exciting for them.

Sports Carnival

Students had a day filled with fun during the Upper Primary Sports Carnival. They had the chance to support their sports factions, participate in different events with their classmates and then compete in races. It was a day filled with fun, energy, and lots of chanting!

– Year 6 Teachers