23 March 2022

A Warm Welcome Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is a pleasure to start a new year with a group of children full of excitement and joy towards learning.

I’d like to formally welcome Sr Marwa who is our Digital Technologies teacher for Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2. Some highlights to look forward to in this terms newsletter are:

  • Hardware and Software
  • Computer parts
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Input, output and storage devices

We practiced our typing skills using various typing activities.

Year 3 students were introduced to PowerPoint. They had to create a PowerPoint about Hardware and Software. They also practiced changing the text fonts, colour and sizes.

We learnt more about peripheral devices by participating in an online searching activity. We also participated in Kahoot to identify devices as input, output or storage devices.

Year 4 students consolidated their understanding about peripheral devices by completing tasks that were assigned to them on Microsoft Teams.

Year 5 students are learning about input, output and storage devices. They completed various tasks assigned to them on MS Teams.

Year 6 students created infographics based on computer and ICT rules. They participated in an online brainstorm using mentimeter. Students have been productive in creating infographics using a software of their choice such as Canva, MS PowerPoint or MS Word.