23 March 2022

What a great start to the year we’ve had! This term has been focused on building relationships, foundation knowledge and instilling a love of learning in each child.

We have focused on fostering interpersonal skills in the children. For some, this is their first experience of formal schooling and it may have been tricky making friends. In our classes, we try and provide environments that support student interaction. Children are given many opportunities to talk to one another and experience things together.


In Literacy, children are learning Letters and Sounds following the PLD Program. Each week we learn and consolidate a few letters. We learn the name of the letter, the sound, how to form the letters as well as find words that begin with the sounds. We also try and incorporate Literacy Games on the computers so children can practice using the keyboard and mouse.


In Numeracy, children are learning the Numbers 0-20. They are learning how to form and write the number as well as count small collections and count in order. We also have been learning about 2D Shapes. Each week, children learn a new shape and have to create a Shape Monster out of paper which helps them to develop fine motor skills through cutting.


Our focus in The Arts this term is Visual Art. Children are learning about the Art Elements, specifically focusing on the Element of Line. Children have participate in different experiences that allow for their creativity to flow such as, Self-Portrait Painting, Still Life Painting and Free Painting. We have used different mediums such as paint, edicol dye and collage.

Specialist Classes

Physical Education is taught by Sr Nuria. She has organised for the children to participate in a 4-week Cricket Clinic presented by the Perth Scorchers Cricket Organisation. The children have had an amazing time learning Fundamental Movement Skills through catching and throwing and learning some rules of the game.

Harmony Day

We celebrated Harmony Day on Friday 18th March 2022. It was a wonderful day and it was so lovely to see everyone in their Traditional Dress! We were all a sea of bright colours, MashaAllah.

It has been very tricky this term not being able to welcome parents into the school. We would like to commend all the parents for keeping in contact with us through Class Dojo. As we are now not allowed to gather in large groups, our school has started Virtual Assembly which has been so beneficial to the Pre-Primaries as we do not usually participate in morning assemblies. It has been so wonderful being able to start our day with the 99 Names of Allah s.w.t and a dua for our school and friends.

We have made an incredible start to our school year and we are looking forward to sharing many more experiences with the children. Thank you again to all parents for their continuous support.