23 March 2022

All praise is due to Allah Ta’aala our Creator Sustainer and Nourisher. With the grace and mercy of the Almighty, term 1 2022 had a very smooth and exciting start. Many wonderful new kids had joined us in Primary and our journey of learning began.

Students have thus far this year been learning about various topics in Islamic Studies which InshaAllah will equip them to become better Muslims as the future leaders of our community.

Qur’aan teaching continues as normal, and an effort is also made to make the students understand the meanings of the short surahs of the Qur’aan. We request all parents to please assist their children and allocate some time during the evening to practise Qur’aan reading and memorisation to further strengthen what was learnt at school. We are also very excited and enjoying to teach and learn Islamic Studies using our very own Islamic Studies books prepared at AIC.

We find ourselves once again a few weeks away from the blessed month of Ramadaan which is indeed a great and blessed month. It is a time where we should increase in our Ibaadah and Duaa and beg Allah Ta’aala for his forgiveness, mercy and a way out from all hardships and difficulties facing the Ummah.

May Allah Ta’aala accept the efforts of all and make us from those who strive to please him InshaAllah Aameen.

Abdullah Haffejee

Religion Department

Kewdale primary