24 March 2022

PERTH: At AIC we celebrate our rich cultural diversity every single day!
And today was no exception! Our official Harmony Week celebration kicked off with a Special Harmony Week Assembly broadcasted across the school. The event was well participated by students and teachers alike. A distinctive feature of AIC’s life is the diverse student body made up of more than 56 different languages.
Thank you to all our students, staff and teachers who made an effort to wear something special to commemorate this week and to celebrate their cultural identity in this multicultural land of opportunities.
Mustafa Awabdi received the “City of Belmont 2022 Harmony Award” from our Principal, Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan. To top off the event, best-dressed awards were given to students and teachers. A big thank you to Sr. Dina and Br. Shady for organizing the event.
Our diversity is our strength, Everyone Belongs!