24 March 2022

Alhumduliliah we have had a busy and productive term in Year 2, despite these trying times and many challenges.


This term in Literacy, we learned about the features of a narrative text exploring the structure of a narrative text while developing our imaginative skills. In grammar, we developed our fluency in proper nouns, capital letters and conjunctions. We covered a range of reading comprehension strategies such as finding word meaning in context and drawing conclusions to make inferences.


In Numeracy, we developed a range of skills in addition and subtraction strategies, place value, arrays, division, halves and quarters, 2D shapes, half past and quarter to time language, measurement and capacity and number sequences. Students used hands on manipulatives and prime resources to develop their number fluency and understanding of concepts.


This term in HASS, we explored about the Past & Present taking a closer look at history learning about timelines and past events, we also dived in to learning about famous Australians from the past. In geography, we discovered oceans and continents while learning about important lines like the tropic of Cancer, tropic of Capricorn and equator!


In science, we explored the concept of Earth and Space taking a closer look at our solar system and the world around us. We also developed our understanding of the water cycle engaging in hands on experiments and investigations to further develop a secure understanding of the concepts.


This term in Health, we developed our fluency in  learning about strategies to identify feelings, identify safe places, introduce warning signs, look for clues about risks, personal emergencies, strengths and identity, achievements and success and physical activity in the community.


In Art, we explored patterns and had a tremendous amount of fun crafting mosaic masks using shapes, we also enthusiastically developed our drawing skills by drawing landscapes like city landscapes.