24 March 2022

Return to School

Alhamdulillah, we have had a successful start to the year, meeting many new and familiar faces who were excited to return to school after the long break. We settled down into our routines and set goals for us to kick throughout the year!

As the term progressed, many things became a little different for us, as we implemented many safety measures to minimise the risk of Covid-19 and keep us safe. Our students have continued to adopt many hygiene practices, such as regular hand washing and sanitising after using the toilet, before and after eating and when entering a classroom.  We are so proud of how all our students have embraced mask-wearing and continued to achieve and go beyond their learning goals despite the rapid changes.


This term the Year Four students have become Geologists! We have been exploring “what’s beneath our feet”, looking at different soil types, rock types and asking many questions and discovering many answers along the way. We did a soil investigation looking at the effects of the different types of weathering and erosion that happen in our environment and how this changes our environment. The 4D clan have grown plants, which they will eventually be planting into the veggie garden, as part of the AIC Landcare Australia project. Overall, we have gotten our hands messy this term and uncovered many wonders!

Visual Arts

Our creative minds have been blossoming this term with students working on visual art and its elements. We have explored and created artwork using organic and geometric shapes, using real life objects to help us. Students discovered the influence that line and colour have on their own emotions, and they explored how the elements of visual art can be combined to deliver a message. We then used our knowledge of the elements of Visual Art to design Harmony Day posters to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of Australia!


Our writing this term has taken us to magical places full of wonder. Students in Year 4 are learning about narrative writing with a focus on ‘Showing Not Telling’ our readers what the character is feeling and doing. To help students in this endeavour we have explored onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance as well as superlative adjectives and adverbs.


Year 4’s are being exposed to progressively more challenging maths subjects such as angles, map reading, parallel lines and multiplication facts to 10 x 10 and related division facts.  Students are also solving multi-step addition and subtraction word problems and building their confidence working with 5 and 6-digit numbers.

In our numeracy investigations students have applied their skills in practical ways. Students have used compass and followed directions to reach places on maps. They have learnt the skill of using a key/legend on a map and devise their own too. Students are dealing with real world situations in numeracy to help prepare them for the future.


Overall, this term in HASS students have understood and explored the contribution Indigenous people had towards Australia.

Students have discovered the Connection Indigenous people have with Australia since colonisation. They have researched and studies the Indigenous past, creation stories and Arts. Students were involved in inquiry-based learning and worked in groups to explore the Aboriginal culture and uncover the history and contributions of Eddie Mabo to the Aboriginal community.