24 March 2022

It was amazing to usher old and new students into our classes this term. We also welcomed Sr Safia, into Year 5!

It has been an interesting term with new rules and routines. Nevertheless, our Year 5 students are resilient students! They took on the challenge of wearing the mask throughout the day and taking initiative to maintain social distance.

This is what we’ve been up to in Term 4:


Our daily literacy block includes guided reading activity, spelling and writing. This term we focus on two genres: Narrative and Persuasive. It has been lovely to read creative and thought-provoking masterpieces written by our own students.


This term we review all strands of numeracy and applied multi-step problem solving strategies in operations.


We focused on Earth Science this term. We explored the sun and moon, as well as terrestrial and gas planets. We created a simple model of the sun, moon and Earth, and we learned the order of the solar system. Apart from that, we had a ‘yummy’ time learning the different moon phases.


This term we learned about the economic, political and social reasons for the establishment of British colonies in Australia. We also studied the colonial development and settlement features, as well as their impact upon the native Australian environment and the daily lives of the different inhabitants.


In Health, we learned about setting short and long term goals. We also differentiated safe and unsafe places, and we learned to identify physical indicators that we might experience when we are in an unsafe place or situation. Lastly, we studied how a healthy diet can affect an individual’s overall general health.


This term we focused on the visual art. We learned the different elements of art and we created art pieces by applying these elements. Apart from that, we also designed Harmony Day poster during our Art lessons

Special Program

The Year 5 students were given the opportunity to put their name in to be elected deputy head boy and girl. Each representative presented a speech in front of the cohort and votes were casted by the Year 5 students.