28 March 2022

English and Drama Department

The Year 8 and 10 students studied units of poetry from around the world and analysed the use of poetic conventions to position readers with aesthetic pleasure and meaningful messages. They then tried their hand at the genre. Please find below a selection of poems by our students.

Can we breathe now?
By Ikram & Suwayda Year 8

Many people are racist and that is not okay

A young man named George Floyd was killed on the 25th of May

Another day a Black man lie dead on the streets

Another day he yells I can’t breathe with no relief.

But there is no difference between black and white

How can such a horrible thing be pinned on a race

and when we are seen we are called a “disgrace”

They judge the colour of one’s skin

But do not know what we feel within

All the people in the world have had enough

The racism we are getting is way too rough

We have our innocent people on the streets dying

Parents mourn and scream whilst children are crying

People in the world are taking a knee

For every Black person having to flee

Our mothers make food and feed us while it’s hot

Our people cannot even go out without getting shot

[now deep this question] how many lies is it going to take?

For justice to be served and actions to be made.

Our people run from the men in blue because they feel scared

Wishing and praying that more people cared

This has gone on for way too long

We need to come together, and all stay strong

This is not a problem for us Black folks to solve

The entire world needs to come together and this needs to be resolved.

Palestine’s Plea
by Asad Stacey, Year 8

While we are sleeping

They are weeping

All the children cry

As the world around them die

They will kill a dove

That flies high above

Without a care

For anyone anywhere

It doesn’t matter what religion or race

Its such a big disgrace

We can’t ignore the Palestinian plea

It’s just repeating history

From the river to the sea

Palestine will be free

Allah will make the enemy

Fall to their knees

The theme of this poem is a representation of the struggle of the Palestinian people. It describes how they experience many hardships, trauma and devastation, yet ultimately, they will triumph. This is displayed throughout the poem which is written in a timeline order. The mood at the start of the poem is sombre but as the poem goes on it becomes uplifting with the last stanza describing their victory over the enemy.

The line “It’s just repeating history” emphasises that the struggle of the Palestinians has been going on for many years. Furthermore, it links to many times when a whole nation of people has been oppressed for their race and religion. The line “They will kill a dove” uses the technique of an idiom. This symbolises how the enemy does not care about peace as they will mercilessly kill, and a dove is a known symbol for peace.

Throughout the poem the rhyme pattern AA BB is used. This has a rhythmic effect that is pleasant to hear and creates a musical tone. In the third stanza alliteration is used with the two words religion and race. The effect of alliteration is that it emphasises the rhythmic quality of the poem.

By: Numan Mohamed and Elmi Elmi Year 8

Our poem is about a serious injury that took place on the road. A man was driving his car. His phone was ringing, and he had to pick it up because it was important. But when he looked down in a split second his car went directly into Mikes car. It made Mike bleed and Mike was in a serious injury.

Mike drove down the downhill road

The phone made a noise. Ring! Ring!

Mike made sure the car was slowed

Then crash! He was hit from behind and was sure he injured something

There was blood pouring

It was a serious injury

Mike leg was roaring

And the pain was soaring

The strange man got out the car

In a rush he called ambulance

Mike was asked if he was aware of his surroundings

The man was sweating about this accident

Mike was in hospital with a bandage on his face

Losing his memory

Mike was in a rush to leave this place

Mike said life is a mystery.

by Shahian Siddkey Aaraf, Ilyas Zazi and Rayan Adem

Nature is just so amazing

It blows the human mind

It is the most beautiful kind

Nature is what we see

The Green land and the big old tree

Nature is everywhere you go

Everything that lives and grows

Nature gives us something

We cannot live without

But in nature we shouldn’t doubt

The slightest touch of wind

A cooling touch, a gentle breeze

That is just sure to please

These are constants of water and air

Stop and enjoy nature

As long as it is right there.

Drama Report – Term 1

Our drama classes have been busy this term with Reader Theatre performances of the play; Boy Overboard and re-enactment of the film scenes. The photos below will take you on a theatrical journey.