28 March 2022

Dear Parents & Guardians

Assalam o Alaikum

Alhamdulillah, as Term 1 of the academic year is close to ending, I wish you all the best for the term break and the year ahead. The term has not been without challenges, and we have had to make several changes to manage the Covid and close contact issues. We do appreciate your understanding at these times.

We continue to battle with the ongoing problems of children’s attendance due to the Covid pandemic. It looks like pandemic life is a new routine; however, it cannot be an excuse to blow off a child’s continuous learning and education. The situation is challenging with this kind of situation and a new environment means more patience, perseverance, and determination is required at every stage of schooling and learning. We need to cope and adapt ourselves to this kind of reality.

The disruption of the past few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic had fractured the social contract around education. A few parents have chosen to keep their children home from school due to their concerns regarding the spread of the Covid – 19 viruses. It is certainly their choice; however, students and staff are expected to attend the school following the Department of Health and Education guidelines. However, I would like to point out that poor attendance impacts students’ attainment and is also linked to irresponsible and negative behavioural outcomes. 

It is a simple understanding that parents have a responsibility to get their children to school, with minimum absences, and, in return, the school does its level best to educate and look after those children.

The school endeavours to prepare our students for excellent academic achievements completing their curriculum each term. Though hybrid learning has been introduced to support the students in isolation, we continue offering face-to-face teaching for all expected to attend school.

I feel pleasure to state that a large majority of children are in the classrooms and have been engaged well in their learning, after school classes, assessments, sports, and extracurricular activities.

The end of term 1 student progress reports for primary and lower secondary will be provided in week 2 term 2, in sha Allah. I regret that we are unable to conduct in-person parent meetings. However, email and telephone channels are always there to facilitate your request and address your concern if any.

The school have been advising and helping students to realize their digital responsibilities and the dangers associated with the inappropriate use of social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and others.  I also request to be vigilant about your child’s use of social media and chat apps, take time to have your child show you their social media sites, go through their apps. Find out what they are putting out there for everyone to see.

The school ensures the safety of all students, please be advised, if any student is cyberbullying, sexting, or posting text or images that disturb the learning environment at school, will be dealt with seriously as a school matter. The Deans of Students will act to ensure that the School Behaviour Policy & Student Code of Conduct is enforced.

The School Provides Digital Library Portal “MyOn” for primary and “Wheelers Online eBooks and Audiobooks” for high school students providing access to many eBooks and Audiobooks to our students.

This Digital Library portal has a lot of collections of books with a great range from classic to recent releases. It is an excellent site providing general reading facilities to our students. Please advise your children to make the best use of the online digital library during and after the term break. The students have been provided guidelines to access the digital libraries. If your child encounters login issues, please contact school librarians:

For Primary School: tahmina@aic.wa.edu.au

For High School:  Idrismohammed@aic.wa.edu.au

I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement and wish you and your family a happy & blessed Ramadan Kareem.

I would like to appreciate students’ resilience, and sincerely commend the staff and teachers for their hard work and dedication as professional and critical workers.

The term break provides ample opportunity for the students to revise for the forthcoming NAPLAN online, Year 11 & 12 Semester 1 assessment. We wish our children a bright and prosperous future, in sha Allah.

You will agree with me that true learning is a partnership between school and home. Your recognition and appreciation for the hard work of the teachers and staff will help make the school a vibrant place of learning and contributing. I would appreciate it if you could send a few words of appreciation to your child’s teachers, it matters a lot to them.


Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan
Principal Kewdale Campus