28 March 2022

Asalaamu’alaykum Dear Community,

This term has been a great start to the year alhumdulilah. The H.P.E. department has developed multiple initiatives, programs and academies this year to give our students the opportunity to showcase and further develop their talents. In previous years, the soccer and netball academy have proven to help students develop into great student-athletes and citizens. This year we have introduced 3 more sporting academies, which are the basketball, volleyball and badminton academies. The badminton academy is further running full-time after school training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. This is done under the leadership and coaching of our state coach, Sr. Crystal. 

During the past four weeks, we have competed in the Badminton WA Live Lighter Competition. Our students represented us extremely well. Not only displaying great sportsmanship but also making it through to multiple final rounds. We had three teams make it to the final rounds and one team advance to the grand final. It was a very close match, and our students secured the runner up position, this was the first time our school had progressed to the grand final. We are very proud and grateful of the students and coach’s achievements. 

We look forward to the basketball competition taking place early in term two, the basketball academies are led and coached by Br. Haythem and Sr. Jasmine. The Volleyball WA tournament will take place during term two which is led and coached by Br. Farish and Sr. Crystal. The soccer academy will have their Annual State Futsal tournament in the upcoming weeks which led and coached by Br. Daniel. The netball academy will have their winter tournament start in term two and finish at the end of term three, this is led and coached by Sr. Fee. We look forward to a wonderful and engaging year ahead insha’Allah. 

Thank you.

Kind Regards 

Mohammed Khan