30 March 2022

High School Language Department

This term the high school students have maintained their Arabic Language subject studies despite the impact of COVID. We have utilised Microsoft Teams to ensure we maintained a virtual class environment for the students isolating at home. The students also used Education Perfect both at home and at school while guided by the teacher . They thoroughly enjoyed the activities on Education Perfect and connecting with each other with regards to the activities on the program.

High School Digital Technologies Department

We have offered coding lessons to our high school students through the use of Code Avengers. Our students have learned the Python programming language while creating their own programs and individual coding sheets.  They are assigned a series of lessons every term, which help them to develop their skills until they are confident enough to be able to apply their coding skills outside of the sandbox environment offered by Code Avengers.

Currently our Year 10s are working on a project where they will learn basic typography and graphic design skills. This will enable our students to apply their knowledge and understanding to develop their own digital designs.